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Russian Empress Catherine. longest-serving female ruler in the history of the Russian Empire

| 27.3.22 |

Yekaterina . longest-serving female ruler in the history of the Russian Empire

 In the 18th century, Russia was ruled by a female ruler, Catherine the Great. She became the longest-serving female ruler in the history of the Russian Empire. How did this German-born tsarina modernize Russia? Rarely heard, Yekaterina is an astute politician. He expanded Russia's borders while trying to restructure the government. Although idealistic and tough, many questioned his reign. Is he a wise leader and cares for his people? Or was the Empress a ruthless tyrant driven by a lust for sex and power? Born Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst in 1729, she was the daughter of a poor Prussian prince. 

Despite his family's lack of money, they were tied to two of the most influential families in Germany—the Anhalts and the Holsteins. Young Sophie was educated at home by tutors. He had a harsh and uninteresting childhood. At the age of ten, Sophie was introduced to the husband-to-be chosen for her by her family. He was the second cousin of Charles Peter Ulrich of Schleswig-Holstein-Gotorp who became known as Peter III.
Catherine expanded Russia's borders significantly during her reign. This included the annexation of Crimea, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and surrounding territories. 

Russia's population has almost doubled during his reign. Not only that, the Tsarina sought to modernize Russian government and law. But he encountered a lot of opposition from the nobles who objected to the relaxation of the laws against slaves. The law was never enforced and under his rule, the nobility increased its power over their contracted servants. 

He died in 1796 after 34 years of reign. Her long-lived reign and political acumen earned her the title “The Great One.” Catherine also supported the development of Russian arts and culture. Behind her ingenuity and toughness, Yekaterina also has a dark side. Branded as a depraved hypersex, he often commits an affair. Yekaterina raised several lovers in her cabinet. Even so, he is expected not to remarry. 

This affair was used by the enemies to bring him down. Most likely they are afraid of their political power so they use this issue. One of her political enemies, the Baron de Breteuil, even claimed that Catherine used all kinds of ambition in her. In fact, Yekaterina is a shrewd politician who. Personally, he was driven by Enlightenment ideals that were dominated by the intellectual and philosophical movement. His opposition to traditional authorities made rumors of his sexual perversion and ambition resonate today.

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