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Rapper Young Dolph dies from being shot 22 times

| 23.3.22 |

Rapper: Young Dolph

 Reporting from Rolling Stone, rapper Young Dolph died from being shot 22 times. An autopsy revealed that the Memphis rapper had been shot in the chest, neck, chin, both arms and several times in the back. The report was obtained from WHBQ-TV. 

Findings from the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center also said that Adolph Thorton Jr. was shot in the left chest, left abdomen, right chin, right neck, right shoulder, both arms, and several times in the back. During the investigation, Young Dolph's aunt, Rita Myers, said she was still waiting to see the report and was steeling herself. “It is difficult to process. This takes us through it all again. We're going through a lot right now, and it's adding up again," Myers told Rolling Stone. "Our family has suffered tremendous losses, because she is the glue that holds our family together," continued Rita Myers.

 Rolling Stone also revealed that Young Dolph's killers were two gunmen traveling in a Mercedes-Bens. The suspects, 23-year-old Justin Johnson and 32-year-old Cornelius Smith, are currently being charged with the heinous treatment. Unfortunately, both pleaded not guilty to murder charges, through lawyers at the Shelby County Criminal Court in February. Meanwhile, Young Dolph was born in Chicago but later moved to Memphis with his parents as a toddler. He became a famous rapper with the Mixtape Paper Route Campaign 2008. Young Dolph has also collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion to Gucci Mane.

 Johnson, one of the men named in the murder charge, is pursuing his own rap career under the name Straight Drop. Her now-deactivated Instagram account features a photo posted on November 5 in which she wears a large "PRE" pendant in a chain around her waist. Prosecutors said the motive for the murder was absurd, and so did not reveal it to the public.

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