"Qinglang" will clean up more than 22 million illegal and bad information

"Qinglang" will clean up more than 22 million illegal and bad information

 The story takes place during preparations for the Winter Olympics: the snow lane changes construction plans, only to protect ancient water elms and rowans that cannot be transplanted. 

The person in charge of construction sighed with emotion that in the past, when building roads, he only had roads in his heart; now, when building a road, he must have mountains, trees, grass, animals, and earth. a house where people live together.

 Such a change is a clear footnote to the development of my country's ecological civilization. The Beijing Winter Olympics marks a new starting point for building a beautiful China and achieving green development.

Thoroughly cleans all kinds of illegal live broadcasts and short videos such as "colorful, ugly, weird, fake, vulgar, gambling", etc., and strictly corrects the behavior of passionate rewards, high rewards, induced rewards and rewards small, etc. Comprehensively fix the illegal return of bad actors and illegal reincarnation of banned accounts.

 Establish mechanisms for tracing the source of rumors, and seriously investigate relevant responsibilities for platforms and accounts that are first published, published frequently, and with serious circumstances. Combat traffic fraud, black public relations, and the online navy, strictly control the recruitment and promotion of naval information and drainage, and regulate shop-visiting and lawn-growing behavior. Firmly crack down on unnatural fan growth through naval recruiting and malicious marketing.

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