President of the Council of Europe, Charles Michel, interviewed for over half an hour

President of the Council of Europe, Charles Michel

 "I speak every day with Zelensky" and even before the war "we had faced this prospect, an approach to Europe with a possible candidacy. This candidacy was officially introduced in European institutions, in Versailles we saw the first debate. It was a strong debate. political signal to Ukraine and we have decided to strengthen ties with the association agreement. So we connected the political network to Brussels ". 

This was stated by the president of the Council of Europe, Charles Michel, who was interviewed for more than half an hour. "The Commission has expressed its opinion, accession procedures have started and in Versailles heads of state and government have issued declarations of support for Ukraine which should choose its own destiny independently. 

Then, there is debate about expansion and if we want expansion towards Ukraine we must act. "This debate must be decisive and this debate must be addressed to take a step forward and we must consider other requests for membership of other countries such as Georgia and Moldova. Europe is interesting. This is a magnet. How confident is that by asking the KPU's opinion we have accelerated the procedure".

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