Personality Disorders That Affect Social Relationships

Personality Disorder Pictures

 Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a type of mental disorder, more specifically a personality disorder, which affects the sufferer's thoughts and feelings towards himself and others. Patients with borderline personality disorder have difficulty managing emotions and behaviors that have an impact on unstable social relationships. In addition, disturbed thoughts and feelings often make people with borderline personality disorder feel anxious, angry, insignificant, and afraid of being rejected or abandoned. Sometimes they also have a tendency to hurt themselves or others. 

About 1-4% of people in the world are sufferers of borderline personality disorder, and most of the sufferers are women from the young adult age group. Until now, there is no definite cause for someone to suffer from borderline personality disorder. However, several factors such as negative environmental conditions, genetics, abnormalities in the brain, and trauma can trigger a person to have borderline personality disorder. 

Some of the signs below can be an indication that someone has borderline personality disorder. However, keep in mind that the diagnosis can only be done by professionals. If you or someone close to you has these signs, it's a good idea to contact a professional for further diagnosis. 

1. Tendency to hate and hurt oneself. 

2. Difficulty managing emotions. 

3. Holding on to anger. 

4. Fear of rejection. 

5. Unstable social relations. 

6. Decision making tends to be impulsive. 

7. Feeling hopeless and empty for a long time.

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