Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino has finally spoken up

Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino

 As it was previously known that Paris Saint-Germain's journey in the Champions League this season was only until the round of 16. Les Parisiens failed to go further as they were eliminated by Real Madrid 3-2 on aggregate. This failure then made Mauricio Pochettino's future as PSG manager to be questioned. 

Because the manager is considered to have failed to fulfill the club's ambition to become the new champion in Europe. Moreover, Pochettino is also reported to be a strong candidate to become the new Manchester United manager. When asked about the continuation of his career at PSG, Pochettino confirmed that it would be decided at the end of this season. "We basically have a competitive squad. This kind of challenge is very interesting to face, which is to give the possibility to fight for the title [Champions League title], that's very interesting," Pochettino said as quoted by the Manchester Evening News. 

"Beyond the disappointment we feel, giving PSG the possibility to fight to meet their targets is a very big challenge. I believe, actually we have the ability to do it." "But after what happened, it's just about how we can make changes. 

We have to sit down together and go back to discussing a lot of things to find the best formula. Later that will be used as a vision and future of the project being carried out." "At the end of the season, we will analyze everything. We will see what will happen at the end of the season [I stay or not]. All that will be the club's decision," he concluded.

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