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Oliver Giroud again gives Stevano Pioli's side victory

| 6.3.22 |

Olivier Giroud

 Despite playing with minimal possession of the ball (39%), in fact Stevano Pioli's troops were able to release 7 shots towards the opponent's goal (Napoli). Playing at Napoli's home, the Diego Maradona Stadium, the Rossoneri, who had just gone through a series of unsatisfactory results when they met Salernitana and Udinese, were finally able to pick an important victory to secure the top of the Italian league standings. Both teams played a fairly open game from the start, but here Dewi Fortuna sided with Milan, who came as the guest team.

 With the only goal scored by Milan's mainstay striker, Giroud, in the 49th minute, Milan had 3 points. However, Milan's game seemed like there was no vision, defending and relying on counter attacks because of the aggressiveness of the Napoli players. Full appreciation deserves to be given to the solid defensive duo of Kalulu and Tomorib who looked very satisfying, repeatedly stifling the attacks of the Napoli strikers. Despite having experienced difficulties in the second half by the onslaught of Osimhen's speed attack and the acceleration of Ounas and other Napoli players. Unfortunately this was not followed by the Milan midfielders who were less aggressive in their attacks. 

The attacks of the Red and Black troops also often fail and are easy to read because of inaccurate passes. Weak crosses from the Milan wingers, especially on the right wing, of course, is a separate PR for the Rossoneri camp. The most golden opportunity was also obtained by Saelesmen, Aleix Saelesmekr, who stood alone without a Napoli defender in front of goal after receiving a sweet pass, unfortunately the finishing was not good so that this huge opportunity did not result in a goal. A thrilling ending, this victory brought AC Milan back to winning the Capolista while the Italian Serie A.

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