Oleksandra Kurshinova and Pierre Zakrzewski, American cameramen, died

Pierre Zakrzewski, American cameraman

 Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kurshinova (reported by France Presse) and Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski fall under mortar or artillery fire. Confirmation of the latest deaths came only today: Zakrzewski, an American broadcaster operator with long experience in the theater of war, died after his wounds caused by the Russian attack. Fox News, expressing condolences for the loss of his colleague and condolences to his wife and family, also explained that Zakrzewski died in the same accident in which correspondent Benjamin Hall was injured. 

The cameraman, Fox explained, was a "veteran" war operator and originally from Ireland. The adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Anton Gerashchenko, gave further details about the incident in which Hall, an associate of Zakrzewski, was injured: "Journalist Benjamin Hall, who works for the American television company Fox News, is in serious condition, unconscious. He has undergone many operations,” said Gerashchenko, including amputation of part of his leg (we learned from the American media). “Judging by the nature of Ben Hall's injury,” the Ukrainian official added, “the Fox News team was hit by mortar or artillery fire by the Russian invaders near the village of Gorenki.” Thus, the death toll among media workers killed in Ukraine as a result of the war in recent days has risen to three; the first was American Brent Renaud, who was killed on Sunday 13 March. 

Meanwhile, two Ukrainian journalists, Oleg Baturin and Serhiy Tsyhypa, were reported missing in Kakhovka and Nova Kakhovka. This was announced by the Ukrainian news site Suspilne News. Both have covered news stories about the state of war in their cities and other regions since the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The news channel spoke to relatives and acquaintances of the missing to obtain details of their disappearance.

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