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Old film: The Last King of Scotland that exists and has a lot of fans

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The Last King of Scotland

 This film is about the friendship between Doctor Nicholas Gariggan (James McAvoy) and the authoritarian leader of the Ugandan state, Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) which later turns into hostility. This 123 minute film directed by Kevin Macdonald was released in 2006 in the United States. Even though this film is an old film, it is still watched by film lovers, especially in this film we can see how Uganda was under the authoritarian leadership of Idi Amin. The beginning of the story starts from Scotland in 1970 where Nicholas Gariggan has just graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Nicholas comes from a wealthy and affluent family, his parents wanted Nicholas to work as a doctor in a hospital while opening a private clinic in Scotland. Nicholas, who at that time was still young at heart, denied this desire, he wanted to become a doctor in a small village away from the hustle and bustle of the city while helping people who could not afford it, besides that he also wanted to travel the world as a doctor from one place to another. While thinking about where to go when he becomes a doctor, Nicholas holds a globe and spins it while pointing his finger at the globe if the globe stops then that is where he will go. Globe stopped and Nicholas pointed at Uganda.
Even though Uganda is a poor country full of drought and hunger, Nicholas is very happy to be a doctor in that country. He really loves his dedicated work and devotes himself to helping the poor people of Uganda through his work as a doctor. Nicholas is very attached to the Ugandan community, not infrequently after finishing working as a doctor at the clinic he always mingles with the local community, one of which is playing soccer in the afternoon with small children. 

One time Nicholas, who was hanging out with the local people, was amazed by the mothers who always sang cheerfully forming groups like a choir, he asked Sarah why the mothers were singing. Sarah replied that the women were singing because they were practicing a singing performance to welcome Idi Amin, who was scheduled to come to the village. Idi amen? Who is she? Nicholas continued to be curious about this figure of idi amin because he saw why the Ugandan community respected him so much that they made preparations for a performance to welcome idi amen's arrival.
Nicholas knows a little info that Idi Amin is the leader of the country of Uganda. He is a role model and a person who is highly respected by the people of Uganda. That's the information he heard, but Nicholas was still curious to see it in person when Idi Amin came to the village, the village where Nicholas also worked as a doctor. He asked Sarah to accompany him to see Idi Amin coming, he wanted to see him in person. Sarah finally agreed to accompany nicholas to see Idi Amin coming, until the day H arrived Nicholas saw Idi Amin in his proud general's clothes come to this village, under super tight escort Idi Amin walked and went up to the stage, all the people cheered enthusiastically to welcome Idi Amin. Nicholas was fascinated by this sight, he was happy to see how the leader and his people had a very close relationship. Nicholas was even more amazed by Idi Amin when the leader gave a speech on the stage with a booming voice, the voices of Idi Amin's speech were very loud, Idi Amin was an accomplished orator who captivated the hearts of everyone, including Nicholas. After the event ended, Nicholas finally went home with Sarah to the clinic, when their car was suddenly stopped by Idi Amin's troops, who wore army uniforms with scary looks. They stopped Nicholas' car, it turned out that this troop asked for help from Nicholas, who is a doctor, that their leader, Idi Amin, had an accident. Idi Amin's car had an accident that hit a passing cow, immediately the car was damaged and Idi Amin's hand was injured. The troops asked Nicholas to check idi amen's hand, whether his hand was broken or sprained because at that time idi amen was in pain. 

Nicholas immediately held Idi Amin's hand, he checked the hand. Is his hand broken or sprained? When he checked Idi Amin's hand, a cow kept screaming in pain because it had been hit by a car and held by many people. The loud noises of the cow disturbed the concentration of Nicholas, who at that time was examining his patient, Idi Amin. Nicholas was annoyed with the sound of the cow and ordered anyone to silence the cow or move it to another place because the noise disturbed his concentration. the cow kept on making noises and got louder and louder. Nicholas, who was annoyed at the sound, finally pulled out the gun that was holstered at his waist, with that gun Nicholas shot the cow to death and as a result there was no more cow sound.
Nicholas' actions, which suddenly pulled out a gun and shot a cash cow, made Idi's bodyguards angry, the entire bodyguard pointed their rifles at Nicholas. Everyone panicked and fell silent for fear that Nicholas would be arrested for his immodest act of pulling out the president's gun. Seeing Nicholas' action, the president smiled and then laughed. He was very impressed with the dexterity of Nicholas in taking his gun, besides that he was amazed by the courage of Nicholas when he did that. Idi Amin was amazed at Nicholas that his gun could be snatched by someone else and that it was not even a soldier who took it but a doctor. After laughing out loud, Idi Amin reached out to introduce himself that his name was Idi Amin and was the president of this country of Uganda, while Nicholas, who previously admired Idi Amin because he was a great orator, introduced himself that his name was Nicholas and worked as a doctor in the village. . After getting acquainted with Idi Amin, he really liked the shirt that Nicholas was wearing which read Scotland, he said that he was very impressed with the Scottish state because the Scottish people were tough warriors who always won wars, especially when they fought against England. 

Immediately he asked for the shirt that Nicolas was wearing to be removed because he really wanted it, Idi Amin then took off his general shirt and gave it to Nicholas to exchange it for a Scottish shirt. Finally a change of clothes happened. The general's shirt was exchanged for a t-shirt that read Scottish. They were like exchanging souvenirs and after that Idi Amin and Nicholas became friends. This is where their friendship began. Two people who admire each other then become friends.
As time passed they began to get to know each other. Their friendship is getting closer day by day. Idi Amin then moved Nicholas to move to the city to become his personal doctor and become a doctor for his family at the state palace, besides that he was also placed to work in the capital's hospital which of course was in much better condition. Idi Amin didn't want his friend to work as a doctor in a rural slum area with minimal facilities, he moved Nicholas to a city with all the available facilities. Nicholas was getting closer to Idi Amin, so close Nicholas was able to go in and out of the palace without undergoing an examination because Idi Amin had placed him as part of the state palace, namely to become a presidential doctor. In addition to friends, Nicholas was really loved by Idi Amin. He is considered like his own brother, even Nicholas was given a luxury Mercedes Benz as a gift. Nicholas really enjoyed his position as a presidential doctor, hospital doctor and Idi Amin's closest person. Nicholas was so pleased with what he had accomplished, with his extraordinary position he was able to travel around Uganda without any difficulty. He enjoys this country in all its beauty, not infrequently Nicholas even walks around the capital in his Mercedes car. Arriving then Nicholas met with Stone (Simon McBurney). Stone is an employee of the British Commonwealth and Foreign Office. On the sidelines of the conversation, Stone warns Nicholas not to get too close to Idi Amin because the domestic political situation in Uganda is on the verge of heating up. Apart from that, there were arrests and imprisonment of Ugandans by Idi Amin because they were considered loyal supporters of Milton Obote. It should be noted that when Idi Amin came to power as president, he seized power by coupling power from Milton Obote. Not only stone advice to stay away from Idi Amin was also thrown from Sarah to Nicholas but Nicholas did not heed the advice. Nicholas thought the phenomenon was still normal and he felt safe nothing would happen.
Nicholas at a party was introduced to Idi Amin's third wife, Kay (Kerry Washington), she is the youngest wife of Idi Amin. They finally get to know each other and often see each other, after a while, Kay and Nicholas finally fall in love. They are dating beyond the knowledge of Idi Amin. Nicholas realized that what he did was a mistake, but because of feelings that could not be contained, they finally dated and arrived at a more distant relationship, namely they had sex. This affair scandal continues without Idi Amin's knowledge. The political situation in Uganda is getting hotter, various chaos ensues. In fact, many arrests were made of Ugandans by the army of Idi Amin because they were seen as supporters of Obote. Day by day, Idi Amin became more and more frenzied because all of his political policies were becoming more repressive, not only against enemies who were alleged to be supporters of Obote, people with different opinions were arrested, tortured and even killed. Seeing this, Nicholas realized that Uganda was no longer safe, especially the Ugandan Minister of Health did not escape the torture of Idi Amin. Seeing all of this, Nicholas realized that his friends' advice turned out to be true that Idi was dangerous. he just realized now. When Nicholas consciously tries to stay away from Idi Amen, the bad news is that Kay is pregnant. Kay told her that she was pregnant because of her relationship with Nicholas, because it was inevitable that they would often have sex in their affair behind the knowledge of Idi Amin. 

The existence of Kay who was pregnant made Nicholas half to death, he was afraid that Idi would know about it. Kay asked that the fetus be aborted because if Idi Amin knew then Nicholas could be killed. Nicholas finally asked a colleague who is also a doctor to abort Kay's womb. The doctor refused because the reason could endanger Kay's life. Kay's body condition is very low, so if he is aborted, he can lose his life.
In the midst of this complicated dilemma, Nicholas finally decided to abort himself with his own hands. When abortion kits were being collected at the hospital, suddenly Idi Amin's men came in and arrested Nicholas. Apparently their affair scandal was discovered by Idi Amin. Nicholas was brought before idi amen. idi amen tortured Nicholas cruelly, he tortured Nicholas over and over again because Nicholas had stolen his wife to have an affair, even though during this time Idi Amin had always been kind to Nicholas until he was like a brother. Nicholas replied that Kay didn't love Idi Amin, he was forced to marry Idi Amin. Idi Amin continued to torture Nicholas until the skin on Nicholas' back was peeled off by a knife, this was done according to Ugandan custom that the punishment for stealing the wife of a tribal chief was to have the skin peeled off. Nicholas's back was all peeling and bleeding. With the help of a friend, Nicholas was finally rescued secretly. At first, Nicholas wanted to take Kay out of Uganda but unfortunately Kay was dead with a horribly mutilated body position. Nicholas finally arrived at the airport even though he had to walk holding wounds. Nicholas' colleague advised Nicholas before boarding the plane that Nicholas had to survive and had to live. after leaving uganda then nicholas must tell this story to the whole world. so that everyone knows that Idi Amin is a cruel leader.

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