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Okiku is a doll dubbed as a ghost doll

| 8.3.22 |

Okiku doll

 The Okiku doll is a creepy doll that resides in a shrine in Iwamizawa, Japan. There is an interesting and mysterious story about this doll that has existed since 1 century ago. Launching from the page, the Okiku doll is a doll that is dubbed a ghost doll and is so feared in Hokkaido. How not to be afraid, the doll in the form of a little girl with black hair and red clothes seems to be alive. 

Her hair continues to grow every day like a human. Similar to the Annabelle doll, many people believe that this doll is alive and has a mysterious, sinister aura. Regarding the Okiku doll, the story says that this doll belonged to a 3-year-old boy named Kikuko who later died of a severe flu. In 1918, the boy's 17 year old brother bought this doll for him as a gift. Kikuko loves her doll very much, she also always takes it with her wherever she goes. 

Until one day, the little girl fell ill with a severe flu and died. After the death of her child, Kikuko's doll was entrusted to a temple as a memento. In the past, this doll's hair was only as far as her jaw. But over time the doll's hair continued to grow like a human child's hair. The monk where Okiku was kept also cut his hair but the hair continued to grow.

 Not only hair, some people believe that the teeth of this doll also grow. So far, it is unknown why the Okiku doll's hair continues to grow. Scientific research that has ever been done has not found an answer to this mystery. Today, the Okiku puppet story has become so popular that it has inspired several traditional novels, films and plays.

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