No kidding, Jun Ji Hyun adds to her real estate

Jun Ji Hyun

 On March 9, Korean media outlets buzzed with reports that Jun Ji Hyun was adding to her real estate. No kidding, Jun Ji Hyun bought the building with billions of won. The profit from the building that Jun Ji Hyun bought, is predicted to reach billions of won. Come on, check out the complete facts about the addition of Jun Ji Hyun's new assets below! 

•Jun Ji Hyun bought a building for billions of won• 

Reporting from Naver on March 9, actress Jun Ji Hyun reportedly recently purchased a business building in the Seoul area. The exact location of the building is in Deungchon-dong Seoul, Gangseo-gu. Jun Ji Hyun bought the building for 50.5 billion won or equivalent to IDR 589 billion. Jun Ji Hyun bought the expensive building from Kookmin Bank. Unfortunately, the Deungchon-dong building has become home to retailer LG Electronics, and LG Best Shop. According to business insiders, Jun Ji Hyun had paid 22.5 million won or equivalent to Rp. 262 million in advance, while 28 million won or equivalent to Rp. 326 million was paid by Kookmin Bank as a guarantee loan. According to the Korean media that reported the news, Jun Ji Hyun has confirmed that the building will be fully owned by him without any further loans to Kookmin Bank. 

So far, Jun Ji Hyun is known as the owner of many assets who are able to manage them well. Jun Ji Hyun already owns properties in Seoul including her residence at I-Park Samsung, Gangnam-gu. It is a business property located in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu. Not only that, Jun Ji Hyun also owns a business property in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu. Then, the additional business property is now in Deungchondong, Gangseo-gu. Although business properties in the Deungchondong area have not been fully paid off, Korean business researchers admit that Jun Ji Hyun will benefit greatly. 

The value of the three business properties can reach 88.8 billion won or equivalent to Rp. 1 trillion. Wow, daebak huh! In addition to being a high-paid actress in every episode, Jun Ji Hyun turns out to have earned additional money from the business properties she has until now. Seeing Jun Ji Hyun's way of doing business and managing his money, many artists are now trying to imitate him by buying several assets in the form of buildings to be used as businesses.

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