NATO: pledges constant support to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden

 US President Joe Biden in a press statement reiterated that the NATO alliance is "as strong and united as it has ever been" and pledged constant support to Ukraine at the close of the NATO summit in Brussels. 

"NATO leaders met today on the first anniversary of Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine to reaffirm our strong support for the Ukrainian people, our determination to hold Russia accountable for its brutal war and our own commitment to strengthening the NATO Alliance," Biden said in a statement. statement. notes published by the White House. 

The president added that together with their allies they had promised to provide "additional equipment, including air defense systems. Biden added that work was underway to "strengthen NATO's collective defense, especially on the eastern flank" and confirmed "the formation of four new battle groups in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary" as proof that "we will defend and protect" .collectively every inch of NATO territory".

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