Mystery: Signs that Death is Near

Mystery: Signs that Death is Near

 Death is still a mystery to many people. In fact, this death is undeniable and must be a part of human life. Who has been born, in the end will not be able to avoid death. The question is, will there be a next life after one passes through death? This is still often disturbing and makes many people worry. The fear after the fear of death grew even greater. It is also often said that death comes unnoticed, always silently and suddenly grabs anyone in an instant. Even so, according to Hindu belief, there are several signs that indicate death is coming. Reported by, these signs can even be present long before a person dies. What are the obvious signs that someone's death is imminent? 

1. Sign of death.

 A person's death is imminent when slowly the color of his skin turns pale and there is redness. The age of the person shall not be more than 6 months. 

2. Sign of death. 

When a person can no longer see his reflection in front of a mirror, glass or water, then death will soon pick up that person. Uniquely, only that person knows, while others will not realize it. 

3. Sign of death. 

When one starts looking at a lot of things it just looks like they are all black. Death is getting closer and will soon pick up. 

4. Sign of death. 

If in a week a person's left hand has convulsions, then that person's age will not be more than one month. 

5. Sign of death. 

If a person's sensory sensitivity starts to become immune and cannot be used, then his age will only last 6 months. 

6. Sign of death. 

If a person cannot see the light of the moon, sun or even fire, then this sign indicates that he will die soon. 

7. Sign of death. 

If the tongue begins to stiffen, the gums thicken and swell when a person is sick, then he will not live long.

 Not everyone believes the Signs of Death above. The sign is indeed told by Hindu beliefs as said by Lord Shiva to his followers. True or not, until now still remains an unsolved mystery.

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