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Middlebrough beats Tottenham Hotspur

| 2.3.22 |

Middlebrough get rid of spurs

 The Boro, Middlebrough's nickname, continues. This time the victim is the elite club Tottenham Hotspur. Previously in the 4th round, The Boro from the Championship Division beat Manchester United at Old Trafford on penalties. This time in the 5th round of the FA Cup, playing at Riverside Stadium this morning (2/3). Chris Wilder's troops beat the Spurs 1-0. This is the draw of the FA Cup. A tournament that all member football clubs of the British Football Federation can participate in. Every moment can bring a surprise. Middlebrough, who acted as the host, served Harry Kane et al's game without fear. Since the beginning the Spurs tried to kick. 

However, The Boro gave fierce resistance. 26 minutes Harry Kane threatens the host's goal. Continuing Dejan Kulusevski's mature pass. However, his shot has not produced a goal. The first half ended with the score 0-0. Entering the second half Tottenham Hotspur increased the intensity of the attack. In the 59th minute Harry Kane was able to tear the Middlebrough goal which was headed by Joe Lumley. Unfortunately his goal was disallowed by the referee for offside. Three minutes before the end of the second half, The Boro got a golden opportunity. Isaiah Jones hits hard. Luckily Hugo Lloris can save the Spurs goal. The FA Cup tournament which does not recognize a replay will continue with extra time. Spurs continued to try to create the winning goal in extra time. However, The Boro guarded the area by playing tight. Josh Coburn, a player who had just entered in the 96th minute, made the difference. Utilizing mature bait Matt Crooks easily struck the ball into the Spurs goal. Position 1-0 lasted until the referee blew the long whistle.

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