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Lewis Hamilton demands significant changes to his team

| 30.3.22 |

Lewis Hamilton demands significant changes to his team

 From the two opening series of F1 2022 at the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia GP, W13's performance has far lost to Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Ferrari.

 Having been dominant in recent years, Mercedes looks overwhelmed in this year's new regulatory era. Let alone to compete for victory, to be able to compete in the middle board they are already overwhelmed. This then makes Lewis Hamilton feel frustrated. He could only finish 10th when he appeared at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix yesterday. With this disappointing result, Hamilton hopes that Mercedes can quickly get up and find a solution to the current problem.

 He does not want to continue to sink and undergo a season with less than optimal results. "As is well known, at the moment we are not competing for the victory. We are far behind the drivers at the front. 

There is a lot to be done. We need more grip and power. On balance, the car feels comfortable. However, it is still not fast enough. The end result was not great, but the race itself went relatively smoothly," Hamilton said in an interview with local media.

 For the third series later, the racers will compete in Melbourne, Australia. Hamilton can rest for 2 weeks while hoping his team crew can get a bright spot for repairing the W13 car.

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