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Joe Biden: "We are evaluating air defense systems to help Kiev

| 25.3.22 |

Joe Biden: "We are evaluating air defense systems to help Kiev

 At the conclusion of the 
extraordinary NATO summit, Secretary Jens Stoltenberg announced that Alliance members have agreed to the deployment of four additional multinational combat groups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. In a press conference at the end of the meeting of heads of state and government, Stoltenberg added that allies will take all necessary actions and decisions to ensure the security and defense of allies. "Significant arms supplies to Ukraine have been approved including anti-tank, air defense and drones which have proven to be very effective." 

"We have a responsibility that the conflict does not escalate further as it will be dangerous and devastating" but Russia is looking for a "pretext" to use biological and chemical weapons, accusing Ukraine and its allies but "the accusations against Kiev and NATO are completely false". The use of chemical or biological weapons, he added, "would completely change the nature of the conflict" and "would have far-reaching consequences" in Ukraine but also "for neighboring countries". which was born to provide "support and supplies" to Ukraine against "chemical, bacteriological and nuclear threats" with detection, protection "," crisis management" and "medical support tools" technologies from threats of this kind. 

Therefore" we are working to strengthen and support Ukraine and to defend itself". Stoltenberg also hinted that the Allies had decided not to comply with President Volodymyr Zelensky's request to supply "1%" of the Alliance's tanks and jets. "I won't go into detail, NATO offers significant military assistance to Ukraine," he answered a specific question.
And Stoltenberg added "China should join the rest of the world and condemn its brutal aggression against Ukraine, not supporting Russia economically and militarily". The American president in a note stated: in relation to strengthening defense, especially in the eastern wing of the alliance: "our joint statement clearly states that NATO is as strong and united as ever". The four new battle groups in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary are "a strong signal that together we will defend and protect every inch of NATO territory. Between now and the NATO summit in June, we will develop plans for additional troops to strengthen defenses." ...NATO. We will adopt an update of the Strategic Concept to ensure that NATO is prepared for any challenges in the new and more dangerous security environment."

At the NATO summit in Brussels today "we were privileged to hear President Zelensky live and we will continue to support him and his government with important and growing military assistance to combat Russian aggression and defend the right to self-defense". This is what Joe Biden said at the end of the NATO summit, underlining that "one month after the invasion", the leaders reaffirmed "their support for the Ukrainian people and our determination to put Russia before its responsibility for this brutal war and our commitment to strengthening the alliance. NATO". 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has announced a new round of sanctions targeting more than 400 members of Russia's elite and members of the Duma. In particular, 328 members of the Duma (i.e. the lower house of the Russian parliament), 48 state-owned companies in the defense sector and dozens of members of the Russian elite were targeted.

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