Joe Biden on video call with Irish President Michael Martin

Joe Biden on video call with Irish President Michael Martin - Source NBC News
In front of reporters he had already called him a "war criminal". Yesterday - during an event on Capitol Hill for Saint Patrick's day, the Irish holiday of St. Patrick - he called him "A murderous dictator", and then a "pure criminal": so the president of the United States, Joe Biden, during a video interview with Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin: "Putin's brutality and what his troops are doing in Ukraine is utterly inhumane, ' said the White House's number one.

 And shortly thereafter, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken echoed: "Voluntarily targeting civilians is a war crime. ", Blinken later detailed that American experts were documenting and gathering evidence to support these allegations: "We will ensure that the findings aid international initiatives to investigate war crimes and hold those responsible accountable." "Russia prepares for chemical attack" And the US secretary of state returned again - as in recent days - to the disturbing prospect of the evolution of the war in Ukraine: "Russia - so Blinken - is preparing the ground for a biological or chemical attack , under the wrong banner". 

And then, China: Blinken added that today, Friday - when the head of the White House, Joe Biden, summons his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jiping - "he will clarify that China must be held accountable for any actions taken to support Russian aggression." , and that the US will ultimately not hesitate "to impose fees." "We believe - he added - that China has a responsibility to exercise its influence with President Putin, to defend the international rules and principles it adheres to to uphold".
A theme he repeated only in the morning in a tweet: " We saw it in Georgia in 2008. In eastern Ukraine in 2014. In Syria in 2018.

 In the UK in 2018. Now it's happening again in Ukraine in 2022. The Kremlin has consistently fabricated lies to remove blame and seek to justify its atrocities." The secretary of state, in his speech, cited Mariupol's latest bloody event just 24 hours ago: "Yesterday Russian troops bombed a theater, and opened fire on a group of civilians waiting in line for bread - said Blinken - I personally agree with Joe Biden ", and pointed out that sanctions comes into force: "Russia has been hit by unprecedented sanctions, and now the Russian economy is in free fall." "I share our horror at this barbaric attack on civilians in Ukraine by Russia - so Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin in a video link with Joe Biden, thanks him for" his firm, determined, strong and measured leadership in leading the answer in Moscow.

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