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Japan Sends Bulletproof Vests to Ukraine

| 4.3.22 |

Hirokazu Matsuno

 Japan sent aid to Ukraine in the form of bulletproof vests and a number of other items such as winter clothes, food and electricity generators. "The items that will be sent by the Self-Defense Forces will also include winter clothes, food and an electricity generator," said the government's chief cabinet secretary, Hirokazu Matsuno, Friday (4/3/2022). Japan has joined forces with its Western allies and imposed punitive sanctions on Russia. This includes the president, minister of foreign affairs, and financial institutions. 

In addition, Tokyo has provided humanitarian cash assistance to Kiev, in addition to a $100 million loan. Russia's war in Ukraine began on Thursday, February 24. This sparked international outrage. The European Union, US and UK and a number of other countries have imposed tough financial sanctions on Moscow. Many countries have also armed Ukraine against the Russian army. They sent military aid to the army. According to UN figures, 227 civilians have been killed and 525 injured in Ukraine since the start of the war. However, Ukrainian authorities put the death toll at more than 2,000. The United Nations Refugee Agency reports that more than 1 million people have fled Ukraine for neighboring countries.

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