Important, Tangmo Nida Case 'Silent'

Tangmo Nida Case 'Silent'

 The case of Tangmo Nida's death still leaves a mystery to the public and his fans. Unfortunately, until now, the Thai artist was declared dead by drowning. In fact, the public said the wounds on Tangmo Nida's body were very strange and strange for people who died from drowning. Tangmo Patcharaveerapong, also known as Tangmo Nida, was found dead floating on the Chao Phraya River on February 24, 2022. Previously, he traveled with his five friends including Gatick, his manager and his best friend. Gatick said Tangmo Nida slipped and fell when he wanted to pee behind the speedboat. 

As a result, Tangmo Nida had disappeared for 2 days and was finally found by police officers and his older brother. From the discovery of Tangmo Nida's body, the public suspected that the Thai artist did not die by drowning. Because Tangmo Nida's body wound was considered odd. It is known that there were bruises on Tangmo Nida's neck and face until his face was no longer recognized and there was also a large wound in the form of a straight line on Tangmo's thigh. Various responses and criticisms from the public have increasingly filled the police to explore what happened to Tangmo Nida. However, recently, the police released the autopsy results from Tangmo Nida's body. The autopsy results stated that Tangmo had no injuries due to the attack and the altercation that occurred to Tangmo. 

According to the Bangkok Post, the doctor at the Police General Hospital's Forensic Medicine Institute (IFM) who carried out the autopsy said he found no broken teeth, while examination of Tangmo's skull also found no signs of trauma from a hard object. The autopsy was carried out after rescue worker Ekkapun "Tide" Bunluerit, who was among the first to find Tangmo Nida's body and lift it from the river, told reporters that Tangmo's face may have been hit by a hard object. bruises around his right eye, with several visibly broken teeth.
Furthermore, a netizen account uploaded something that shocked the public. The upload contains a video of Tangmo Nida singing with Gatick and his best friend, Kim. But suddenly, a male voice was heard telling Tangmo to come over to him. "Bring him here," says the man in the video. Initially the police asked all the witnesses about the man's voice. However, all the witnesses did not answer clearly. Quickly, the public immediately suspected that the man's voice was that of a state official with close ties to the Thai royal family. This is revealed through the similarity of the voice in the recording and the official's original voice. 

Not only that, it was rumored that the official was not on the ship when Tangmo died. He was reportedly in a hotel near the Chao Phraya River. The netizen's tiktok account also uploaded a book that was sent to Tangmo's mother to terrorize her. The book contains scribbles that have similarities with the uniform used by the official. This news certainly made the public believe that the Tangmo Nida case was influenced by state officials so that it seemed to be covered up and silenced. However, until now there has been no further clarity on Tangmo Nida's relationship with the official.

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