Huawei founded women's tech community

Women's tech community

 Huawei established the first female tech community at MSG (MindSpore Study Group) where young women both inside and outside Huawei can find advice from more advanced programmers and technology leaders, and those with more experience can also learn from those with more experience. less. On the occasion of International Women's Day 2022, Huawei and its employees are actively increasing the visibility of women through videos featuring versatile female employees and speaking up for women in a webinar on women in technology organized by Times Higher Education (THE, for its acronym in English) to promote gender equality. . The theme of this International Women's Day is "Break Prejudice" with the aim of encouraging people to challenge prejudice, discrimination and gender stereotypes. 

Hu Xiaoman, COO of Huawei Mindspore Community joined the webinar by Noa Havazelet, Head of Google Accelerator, Regional Leader for Europe and Google Ireland DevRel, and Rameen Khan, Software Engineer at Crayon. Hu points to the "underrepresentation" of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which limits our ability to find inclusive and sustainable solutions to today's problems and to build a better society for all. She points out that, “In the European Union, only 29% of graduates with doctorates in engineering, manufacturing and construction are women. We represent only 25% of professionals who work independently in technical professions such as science, engineering or information and communication technology”.

The findings start a discussion about how men can tackle this problem. To reduce the gender gap in technology, Hu, an expert on Artificial Intelligence, suggests that companies should always consider gender equality as a necessity and not an add-on. For example, our thoughts and actions need to change from “should we give women leeway during pregnancy and other issues?” to “how can we facilitate flexibility for women?”. 

In addition, she urged the government, private sector, and universities to work together to increase women's participation. He raised Seeds for the Future, Huawei's flagship Corporate Social Responsibility program, which is also popular with webinar audiences. The Seeds for the Future program offers students the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture and innovative technology.

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