Here it is: JYP Entertainment's newest girl group

 NMIXX on February 22, 2022 released their debut single titled AD MARE. Its member, Haewon, has become a hot topic of conversation because it is said to be similar to a member of the girl group TWICE. Having beautiful visuals, Haewon NMIXX's appearance when wearing a crop top was highlighted and surprised. 

He is thought to have a small waist circumference of about 50 cm. His full name is Oh Haewon, he was born in Incheon, South Korea on February 25, 2003. This girl with a height of 166 cm spent 4 years as a trainee at JYP Entertainment before finally debuting as a member of NMIXX. In addition to Korean, NMIXX's Haewon also speaks English. 

Having beautiful visuals and an elegant demeanor, many say NMIXX's Haewon has the same aura as the senior, TWICE's Mina. Those were the facts about Haewon NMIXX, the idol under JYP Entertainment who officially debuted on February 22, 2022.

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