Google's solution to free or save memory on Android smartphones

Google Solution

In a blog posted on March 8, Google explained that it was starting to work on a new feature. So, when a user archives an app that is no longer used frequently, Android will uninstall some of that app. Uninstalling some apps means that Android doesn't actually remove the app in question from the smartphone. Google assures, applications that have been archived can free up 60 percent of the memory spent on these applications. Take for example, if the capacity of an application is 1GB, when the user archives it, the memory saved is 600MB. Google Product Managers Lidia Gaymond and Vicki Amin reveal, "Archiving is a new function that allows users to regain about 60 percent of storage by temporarily deleting parts of the app, without deleting the app completely." 

He said the archived application will still exist on Android. Users can easily revert to the latest version already in the app store. To save the data embedded in the app, Android will create an APK file of the archived app. Users can recover data stored in the application, ranging from usernames, passwords, notes, or photos when they reactivate the application.
The archive feature of this application is quite useful. The reason is that Android smartphone owners do not need to periodically delete applications to recover some of their device memory. They also no longer need to expand the external storage space on their phone using a MicroSD card or even replace the smartphone with a bigger memory. Application archiving will be available on Android at the end of 2022. This feature is suspected to be a new feature in the Android 13 update whose final version is scheduled to be released next September. 

Currently, the implementation of application archiving is still in its early stages. Google has started making archived APKs available to all developers using the App Bundle, the release format for Google Play. "We are now starting to build archived APKs. This capability will not work until the archiving feature is available to consumers at the end of the year," Google said. That said, the app's archiving feature will be of great benefit to Android users and developers. "Instead of uninstalling applications, users can archive them and free up space temporarily, later users can also reactivate applications quickly and easily,".

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