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Get to know more about the Taliban and Afghanistan

| 25.3.22 |

Get to know more about the Taliban and Afghanistan

 The Taliban are not the same extremist group as al-Qaeda or ISIS. The Taliban is the most significant player in Afghanistan they only want Afghanistan, it can be said they are a nationalist movement which then wants to liberate their country from other countries call America. Al-Qaeda is a transnational jihadist group seeking to rebuild its network. Likewise ISIS, but their struggle will not be easy because they are sworn enemies of al-Qaeda and the Taliban," as reported by the BBC. Actually this is clear in UN Security Council resolution number 1998, initially the Taliban was a group that was included in similarities with the Al-Qaeda group. /ISIS in 2002, then developed due to rejection and demands from friendly countries such as Indonesia, to revoke the paradigm and blacklist by the United Nations to the Taliban. 

We need to know together that; The Taliban is a group that fights for the freedom of the Afghan people from the intervention of other countries which then mastermind a puppet government, by another country. Call it America and the puppet government system that it formed under the leadership of Ashraf Ghani and his deputy Amrulah Saleh before. The Taliban wants a free government without any control from other parties. And rebuild Afghanistan according to Islamic teachings. The takeover and the success of the Taliban in taking over the territory of Afghanistan today, is much faster than many people expect. 

This success is not a success of the Taliban but the success of all Afghans in repelling the invaders. General Austin Miller, commander of the US-led mission in Afghanistan, warned in early June before a transition of power took place that Afghanistan could be headed for a chaotic civil war. So, the logic when America's decline is; where America is aware that in the near future or in the next few years the Taliban will be in power again. In addition, the US setback was a strategy to divide Afghanistan into civil war. But government troops and Taliban fighters are aware that if there is resistance it will lead to a very bad civil war.

 I think it is clear here in President Ghani's speech that it is better for him to leave his country than to have to go to war with his own people. That's what happens if there is no compatibility between the Taliban fighters and the military forces of President Asraf Ghani's government, which suddenly loses support from America.
The condition of Afghanistan after the transition of power last year, which was marked by the departure of US military troops, has experienced turmoil and this is true, starting from the concerns and fears of the Afghan people towards a new regime. I think, we all would have experienced the same thing if we were in a country that was always hit by conflicts and wars. In the early days of America's departure, the Taliban had almost complete control of Afghanistan. In addition, conditions in Afghanistan are gradually improving in various areas such as Kandahar, Kobul, Herat and Masyar i-Sharif, and several other provinces. this is indicated by community activities that have been running as they should, then: schools run as usual and there are no special restrictions for women both in reaching public areas and schools. So everyone has the right amount of freedom. 

I think here it is clear that the statement of the foreign minister of the Taliban Amir Khan Mutaqqi at the Afghanistan meeting in Islamabad which was attended by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries and several other countries that: the new ruler of Afghanistan will allow women to pursue education and work. So far the Taliban government has not had a foreign agenda, as said spokesman Mulla Bradar, a Taliban political affairs politician, "that we have our political agenda at home to liberate our country from the occupation of others, this is part of our rights and that of the entire Afghan people. to be independent. After that we will rebuild our country and form a better life starting from creating jobs and making our country develop. 

That is our focus right now, and at the same time we will never allow other people to use afghanistan for against other countries." We can then find this clearly in the Doha Agreement. Afghanistan's Humanitarian Crisis and Challenges to the current Taliban regime.
The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) noted that the level of acute hunger in the country reached a new record where about 23 million or more than half of the country's population experienced acute hunger. Meanwhile, nearly nine million other citizens are in a condition almost trapped in a situation of starvation. Around 1 million children under five are at risk of dying from malnutrition. Four-fifths of the country is experiencing severe or serious drought. About 70 percent of Afghans live in rural areas, and 85 percent derive their income from agriculture. Some 3.5 million Afghans have been displaced by violence, drought and other disasters, including some 700,000 who were displaced last year. Meanwhile, according to the report of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP); 97% of Afghans fall into the acute poverty line by mid-2022, while half of the population lived in poverty before the Taliban came to power last year. Currently, the form of threat is no longer seen from the traditional form of threat, which only develops the concept of threat in the form of violence and the military. 

Apart from that, threats to human security have transformed into non-traditional things, which then include economic threats, food threats, political threats, 
environmental threats, etc.
The current condition of Afghanistan cannot be separated from foreign interference, let's call it America. in addition, the freezing of Afghanistan's multi-million-dollar overseas assets, led to the creation of the humanitarian crisis itself. America is one of the countries that participated in freezing the assets. I think America should take responsibility for the current situation in Afghanistan, not make things worse after leaving Afghanistan last year. The freezing of these assets was actually motivated by America's dislike of the Taliban. However, the stance taken has involved the Afghan people who are not actually part of the Taliban. This then becomes sad and funny in my opinion, but that is the current state of global politics. If CNN is able to influence American policy in Somalia regarding hunger, why can't Al Jazeera and other media in the Middle East be able to do the same as CNN? It will be difficult if we analyze it from an economic-political approach, media organizations, etc. 

I think it would be a waste if the media can't be influenced by a Regime. In addition, the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan continues to experience spikes that do not know when to end. Humanitarian assistance from other countries is hampered and ineffective, because basically a country cannot send humanitarian aid directly to Afghanistan if that country has not recognized the Taliban as the current legitimate government. Therefore, we need an intermediary forum, such as an INGO, an Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC), as a media for helping hands in distributing humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. In what way? OIC needs to build a branch office in Doha as an intermediary that we mentioned earlier. Because basically Afghanistan is part of the OIC itself. Apart from the OIC's role, the international community needs to address injustice in the freezing of these assets. The international community needs to encourage international institutions, such as the United Nations, to again encourage the opening of frozen Afghan assets abroad. Thus, these funds can be used for rebuilding the country after the conflicts and wars of the last two decades .

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