Florida church pastor abuses minor for 30 years

3 priests who sexually abused

 A pastor of a church in Jacksonville, northeastern Florida, was arrested and indicted on Thursday on charges of sexual abuse of a minor that spanned about 30 years, charges filed after a police raid on his church on Wednesday, the office reported. that city.

 The pastor of the Body of Christ Church, was arrested Wednesday night following an "investigation" that began in September 2020 and "revealed the sexual and physical abuse of minors in the church for more than 30 years," the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said in a statement. 

At the time of the pastor's arrest, Jerome Teschendorf, 68, and Vernon Williamson, 85, both charged with "major sexual assault" and linked to the case, were also arrested in Oklahoma. The sheriff's office said that during the investigation, police officers "identified and spoke with multiple victims (both male and female) and witnesses" and there may be more than a dozen victims of Dylan's sexual assault, who remain in custody without bail. 

If found guilty, the priest could be sentenced to life in prison. One of the victims of sexual harassment, a woman who prefers not to be named, told News4JAX that the abuse lasted for about five years when she was five.

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