Financial Times (FT) : United States (US) - Japan conduct joint military exercises

United States - Japan : joint military exercises

 The Financial Times, citing officials, said the two countries' joint exercises in the South China Sea were written as "disaster relief drills" because more drills were being held in the area around the Senkaku Islands in preparation for clashes with Beijing over Taiwan. , long distance from Taiwan. About 350 meters west of the mainland. According to the report, US and Japanese officials are reviewing legal issues regarding the joint exercises, including access to bases and logistical support that Tokyo can provide in the event of a conflict. In particular, the report assesses the possibility of Japan's involvement in such a conflict, showing how Washington will rely on Japanese air bases. 

One official observed that the United States and Japan needed to "immediately" establish a trilateral sharing mechanism with Taiwan to exchange information on China's sea and air movements. Reported by the Financial Times (FT), citing military officials. US and Japanese military officials began seriously planning for a possible conflict in the final year of Donald Trump's presidency, according to six unnamed people cited in the report. In addition to the plan, Washington and Tokyo are reportedly conducting secret tabletop war games and joint drills in the South and East China Seas. 

"Some of this data is shared between Taiwan and the US and between Japan and the US. But we have no direct trilateral dispute," the official said. You can't start setting it in the middle of the possibilities. You have to do it now," he added as quoted by Sputnik from the Financial Times, Thursday (January 7, 2021). According to the report, officials from the United States, Japan and Taiwan outlined that cooperation had improved significantly following a 2017 agreement to share military aircraft codes to make it easier to identify friendly aircraft. According to reports, Japan has begun to strengthen cooperation due to growing awareness of the importance of an independent and sovereign Taiwan for its own security. 

According to reports, the ultimate goal of the two allies is to develop a unified war plan for Taiwan. Of particular concern to the United States and Japan are the increasing number of Chinese fighter jets flying over Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone and Beijing ships sailing into the territorial waters around the disputed Senkaku Islands. Fears of a possible war over Taiwan have arisen because Japan has previously accused China of sailing its ships through the waters of the Senkaku Islands, which are controlled by Japan but claimed by Beijing.
As a final note, these islands were marked as Chinese territory on Japanese maps between 1783 and 1785. Beijing does not recognize Japanese control of the islands, calling the territory the Diaoyu Islands. 

Tokyo has opposed Beijing's ships sailing near the disputed area, calling them an unacceptable attack. Japan is backed by the United States, and the two countries have been accused by Beijing of "collusion" against China. In addition, the sea area in the South China Sea is emphasized by several different substances, including the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan, with the latter option while seeking independence from China's central region. Beijing continues to insist that Taiwan is important to the central region, offering a 'One China' strategy.

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