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FIFA and UEFA Boycott Russia

| 6.3.22 |

FIFA and UEFA Boycott Russia

 The red bear nation is banned from participating in all competitions involving the FIFA and UEFA umbrellas, both in men's and women's football. "Clearly this is a discriminatory act, hurting all Russian players, officials and society," the Russian Football Federation said in a statement on Saturday (5/3/2022). According to the schedule, the Russian national team will participate in the play-off round of the 2022 World Cup Qualifications for the European zone in the last week of March. Russia is in the same group as Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic. 

As a fatal result, in addition to the ban on playing in the Qatar World Cup, the women's team of the red bears was also not allowed to participate in the 2022 Women's European Cup in England. And Spartak Moscow was kicked out of the 2021/2022 Europa League. Long awaited, Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally spoken about the boycott. "Don't you dare mix football with the military. Russia will continue to play in Qatar. If you dare to intervene, there will be no World Cup to talk about," Putin threatened. The issue of Russia being banned has also received criticism from a number of netizens. Including from one of the legends of the Egyptian national team, Mohamed Aboutrika. 

On his Twitter account Aboutrika wrote that if FIFA imposes a penalty on Russia, why not Israel? "The decision to impose sanctions on Russia should also be punished for those who are affiliated to Israel," Aboutrika said, Saturday (5/3/2022) as quoted from Record. Like other football "observers", Aboutrika says Israel has killed countless Palestinian men, women and children over the years.
"FIFA has adopted a double standard," Aboutrika said. Meanwhile, regarding the ban for Russia from FIFA and UEFA, there was a suggestion that the red bear country join the AFC (Asian Football Federation) only. Because the sanctions have no timeframe as long as Russia's aggression against Ukraine has not stopped. The solution is as proposed by, a red bear media. said it was possible for Russia to join the AFC. Getting into the AFC means red bear football is alive again. Australia has also experienced this. After years of working in the Oceania zone, the Kangaroo country joined the AFC in 2005. "Excluded for many years. Perhaps we will not return to Europe. The only theoretical solution is to join the AFC," wrote, Saturday (5/3/2022). 

In this way, Russia can play in official matches in international competitions and stay in the football atmosphere. Australia has also been in history, joining the AFC in 2005 after years in Oceania. Write more "Australia even won the Asian Cup," said Meanwhile, the Russian football federation (RFU) has exercised its rights by appealing to the Court of Arbitration for Sport based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The transfer of the federation zone has also been experienced by Israel. Initially, the Star of David country was included in the Asian Football Federation (AFC). Because many Asian countries refused to compete with Israel in tournaments and qualifiers, Israel was then included in the European Football Federation (UEFA). Israel used to be in the Asian zone for the World Cup Qualifiers. Because Asian countries including Indonesia are reluctant to compete with them, Israel is now entering the European zone.

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