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Fans of "Lee Min Ho" promoting "Pachinko" successfully made South Korean netizens gape

| 24.3.22 |

South Korean Actor : Lee Min Ho

 Not yet aired, "Pachinko" has already stolen the attention of many pairs of eyes. In addition to featuring the ranks of top actors Lee Min Ho cs, this drama has also been busy getting positive praise from world critics. Adapted from Lee Min Jin's novel, "Pachinko" outlines the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family across four generations. The story centers on Kim Sun Ja, played by Oscar winner Youn Yuh Jung when she is old and Kim Min Ha when she is young. This drama is set in the early 1900s when Korea was still under Japanese occupation. 

Lee Min Ho plays Koh Han Su in "Pachinko", a family man who is involved in forbidden love with Kim Sun Ja. In addition to hiding his marital status, Koh Han Su intends to make Kim Sun Ja a mistress. Because he doesn't want to live in disgrace, Kim Sun Ja finally accepts the proposal of another man and moves to Japan. Welcoming the broadcast of "Pachinko", Lee Min Ho's international fans seem to have promoted jorjoran to support the idol's latest project. In Argentina and Chile, the drama trailer videotron was seen. It turned out that to realize the promotion, Lee Min Ho's fans together raised funds to place advertisements.
The efforts of Lee Min Ho's fans in promoting "Pachinko" succeeded in making South Korean netizens gawk. 

Apart from being a hot topic of conversation on online forums, Lee Min Ho is getting a lot of praise from the public for his influence. They even highlighted Lee Min Ho's great desire to appear in this drama. "That's how you use an actor's influence. No distortion, manipulation... he has a good influence and his actions and thoughts are also cool," said one netizen. "He even auditioned for the role himself. It's really cool. This is what we call positive influence," said another. "The fact that he read the original novel and decided to play this role is very impressive. He's cool, but his role is more like a villain in the story... Lee Min Ho is very impressive," another netizen commented. 

"Lee Min Ho has always been super famous but I didn't know he was this famous," continued another. I don't know much about Lee Min Ho but he's a top hallyu star. He's also very popular in Japan, seeing how he pushes himself to do what a Korean man should do despite his popularity in Japan is cool. who has guts that big," said another netizen. Meanwhile, the first three episodes of "Pachinko" can be watched on March 25. While the next five episodes will be broadcast every Friday night until April 29, 2022.

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