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Enea Bastianini made Gresini Racing crying Proud

| 7.3.22 |

Enea Bastianini

 Enea Bastianini became the first to reach the finish line at the Qatar 2022 MotoGP on Sunday (6/3). The happy moment was shared by the team's official Instagram account after the race was over. In the post containing the video, it can be seen that the team officials were crying after Bastianini finished first at Losail. 

Not one of their eyes could be seen moving from the TV screen in the paddock. A tense atmosphere had enveloped Gresini Racing. Then a round of applause rocked the entire paddock. Their cries broke even more, after Enea Bastianini was officially declared the winner of the Qatar MotoGP series. The team officials screamed and hugged each other. Gresini also uploaded a photo of Bastianini lifting the trophy while climbing the main podium. "Enea you make us cry," reads the caption in the photo. Their sense of emotion can not be separated from the victory that created a historic moment. 

Because, it was Gresini Racing's first win since the last time it was won in October 2006 through Toni Elias. Not only that, Bastianini's victory was also dedicated to the late team owner, Fausto Gresini. The man nicknamed La Bestia was also grateful to his family who always provide support in every race. "It's fantastic for all the team (personnel). I think we are all a team crying. And also for my family. I want to say thank you for everything," he concluded.

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