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Cristiano Ronaldo's future seems to be getting further and further away from Manchester

| 9.3.22 |

Cristiano Ronaldo : Manchester

 The Portuguese who refused to sit on the bench, decided - to the amazement of his team-mates and United manager - to fly to Portugal. A runaway destined to complicate relations, already strained, with Red Devils manager, Germany's Ralf Rangnick, publicly criticized no less than a few months ago by CR7 himself. At that time, the words of Ronaldo, who admitted to being frustrated with the team's performance ("I didn't go back to Manchester to finish seventh"), were considered a passing blast. 

But the last few weeks can only confirm player discontent and club doubts. Because, if it is true that so far the ex-Juventus has scored 15 goals in 30 appearances, since returning to the Premier League after three years at Juventus, then in the last 10 matches he has found the same advantage. door only once. The apparent decline raises questions about its competitiveness at the highest levels. As his former partner, now TV commentator Gary Neville points out: "Cristiano remains a great striker, but he will be a long way from having a starter jersey in a team like City". 

An opinion apparently shared by his current manager Rangnick, who on the night of the derby against City had decided to keep him on the bench: "I had to trust my doctors, and when on Friday they told me Ronaldo was unavailable due to injury, I've made my own decisions." However Cr7 staff denied health reasons. The downgrade on the bench would be of a technical-tactical nature, with Ronaldo leaving United on Saturday morning to return on a private flight to Portugal.

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