Coffee connoisseurs must know: the most expensive coffee in the world

The most expensive coffee in the world

 For most of us, the type of coffee bean doesn't really matter, what matters is what we drink is coffee. But for some other people, the type of coffee bean is very important. There are those who only drink coffee from certain beans or drink all types of coffee except coffee from certain beans. That's why there are many types of coffee beans in the world that cater to the tastes of different people. 

Of course, of the various types of coffee beans, of course there is coffee that is categorized as expensive. This is caused by the seeds are very rare and the place to grow is limited. But the high price will not be in vain because the quality of expensive coffee is the best. What kind of coffee beans are the most expensive? The following are the most expensive types of coffee beans in the world.

1. Black Ivory Coffee

 In first place is Black Ivory Coffee from Thailand. This coffee from Thailand uses Arabica beans. The production process is similar to that of a mongoose, namely from feces. Black Ivory Coffee is made by taking coffee beans that are digested by elephants. The price of this coffee reaches 511.11 United States Dollars per lbs where 1 pound is equivalent to 0.453 kg. 

2. Finca El Injerto Coffee 

The second is Finca El Injerto Coffee. This coffee is very expensive because it is made by very rare small beans. It costs roughly the same as Black Ivory Coffee at US$511.11 per lbs. 

3. Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee

 The 3rd place is occupied by Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee. Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee is known for setting many record prices at auction. This coffee is in Panama. The price of Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee is also not less than the others, which is 357.07 US Dollars per lbs. 

4. Civet coffee

On the order of 4 . This coffee is famous because it is made from civet animal droppings. Therefore this coffee cannot be obtained by other methods. Civet animals are always looking for the best quality coffee cherries so that the civet coffee has the best quality. Due to the various reasons above, the price of civet coffee has reached 163.83 US Dollars per lbs. 

5. Saint Helena Coffee 

The fifth is Saint Helena Coffee. This coffee is grown on the island of Helena which is located close to 1,200 miles from Africa's west coast. Although this coffee is in fifth place, this coffee is also categorized as very expensive because it is purchased at a price of 80.54 US Dollars per lbs.

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