China orders lockdown of its citizens due to COVID-19 outbreak

China: COVID-19 is spreading

 China on Friday ordered a lockdown in Changchun, a city of nine million people in the northeast of the country, due to a spike in COVID-19 infections in the area.

 Residents were required to stay at home and undergo three rounds of mass testing for the coronavirus, while non-essential businesses were closed and transportation suspended. China reported 397 locally transmitted cases across the country as of Friday, including 98 in Jilin province, where Changchun is located. 

Only two cases have been detected in the city, although authorities have repeatedly promised to isolate any community with one or more positives under their "zero tolerance" policy on the pandemic. Another 93 infections were recorded in the nearby city of Jilin, which bears the same name as the region. Authorities have ordered the isolation of parts of the city and severing ties with others.

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