China, Eastern Airlines plane with 132 passengers crashed

China, Eastern Airlines plane with 132 passengers crashed

 A China Eastern Airlines plane with 132 passengers crashed on Monday in southwest China, after a brutal fall at 8,000 meters, a plane crash that could be the deadliest in the country since 1994. This Monday evening, more than six hours after the disaster, there were still no fatalities, but, based on the circumstances of the accident, it seemed unlikely that anyone would have made it out alive. In a statement, China Eastern Airlines "pays respects" to those who "died" in the disaster. 

The flight tracker FlightRadar24 did not provide any more data for MU5735 after 2:22 p.m. local time, when it flew over Wuzhou. The website shows how the device dropped sharply from 8,900 to 1,000 meters in three minutes. The Boeing 737 was traveling from Kunming to Guangzhou, but "lost contact while flying over the city of Wuzhou" in the mountainous region of Guangxi, according to a statement from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). "The flight is confirmed to have crashed," CAAC said, adding that it activated its emergency response and dispatched a rescue team to the scene. The device was carrying 123 passengers and 9 crew, a total of 132 people, although Chinese media previously mentioned 133 people on board. Chinese President Xi Jinping - in a very unusual reaction - said he was "shocked" and called for an investigation so that "the cause of the accident can be determined as soon as possible".

 The Boeing 737 crashed in a rural area near the city and "caused a fire", said China's CCTV television, which published images of firefighters heading to the crash site through a mountainous area lined with trees. The rescue team managed to extinguish the fire. "All residents took the initiative to help with the rescue. They all went to the mountains," shopkeeper Tang Min, who lives 4 kilometers from the crash site, told AFP by telephone.
Another local resident told local media that the plane involved in the crash was "destroyed" and saw a nearby forest area being destroyed by fire caused by the plane crashing into a mountainside. According to financial media Yicai, China Eastern decided to suspend all 737-800 flights from today, without waiting for the results of the investigation. 

AFP tried in vain to contact the company for comment on this information. At Canton airport, relatives of passengers, some in tears, gathered in a special waiting room, AFP found. One woman told local media that she was supposed to be on the plane that crashed, but at the last minute she decided to take an early departing flight, but she was waiting for "news" from her sister and four friends. In recent years, China has stood out for its enviable standards of aviation safety, in a country full of newly built airports and covered by new airlines set up to meet the country's dizzying growth in recent decades. China's last major plane crash was recorded in August 2010, with an unconfirmed number of 42 victims. It was the latest incident involving a commercial passenger flight that caused civilian casualties. The deadliest commercial aviation accident was that involving China Northwest Airlines in 1994, in which all 160 people on board died.

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