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Brazil will continue "in neutrality" About the Russian invasion of Ukraine

| 2.3.22 |

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

 Jair Bolsonaro, reiterated that Brazil will continue to be "in neutrality" regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine. "I recently spoke with President Putin, more than two hours of conversation, we talked about a lot of things. Obviously he was talking about something about Ukraine which I kept secret to myself, without going into details like that. You they will like it," the far-right president said on Monday. press conference in Guarujá (coast of the state of Sao Paulo), where he spent the Carnival holidays. In a note sent in the evening, the Presidential Communications Secretariat stated that Bolsonaro was referring to a "closed conversation" he had with his Russian counterpart on February 16 during his visit to Moscow. At a news conference, Bolsonaro explained that Brazil would continue its neutral position and remain "in support of peace." "We will not take sides, we will remain neutral and help as much as possible in finding a solution," he said. "We want peace, but we cannot bring consequences here," added the president, recalling that Brazil is "very dependent" on Russian fertilizers. Bolsonaro has avoided criticizing Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Last Thursday, he discredited Vice President Hamilton Mourao, who said that "Brazil does not agree with an invasion of Ukrainian territory."

Bolsonaro stated that Brazil was working "actively" so that the resolution debated at the UN Security Council, and vetoed by Russia, did not contain the word "condemn", which was replaced by "regret". Brazil voted in favor of the resolution. However, he did not sign a statement from OAS countries in which they "strongly condemn the illegal, unjustified and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation." After Bolsonaro's meeting with Putin in Moscow, Brazil's president assured that his Russian counterpart was seeking "peace" and that Brazil was in solidarity with any country seeking to resolve the conflict peacefully. The trip drew criticism from Bolsonaro from the United States, who said in a press release from the White House that the visit had isolated Brazil from "a large part of the international community."

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