Brad Binder is confident he can be competitive again

KTM Red Bull Driver : Brad Binder

 In the inaugural race at the Qatar Grand Prix last, Brad Binder did appear surprising by finishing in second position. He only lost quickly to Enea Bastianini who came out as the winner at that time. 

This result clearly made Binder feel happy because he was able to beat big names like Marc Marquez, Fabio Quartararo, and many others. Reflecting on his impressive speed, Binder is now sure he can repeat his sweet story at the Mandalika Circuit. He will work hard to be able to offer many more points for KTM. "We used to, especially last year, unless we brake really hard, we really struggled to get the front to start going fast on the incline. 

Now, I can release the front brake and go faster in the corners, so that makes a very big difference. And it gives you more confidence because you don't have to be completely on the limit of the brakes at every corner," said Binder. "So hats off to guys, I'm really happy they've made such a great move for us, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this season goes for us."

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