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BBC:Governor of Kharkiv and his team targeted

| 1.3.22 |

Kharkiv . Ukrainian Government Office

 There is no peace in Kharkiv to pay for being too close to the Russian border. Heavily bombed during the Moscow attack, this time a massive explosion in Freedom Square, the city's central square, "was aimed directly at the local government." A video documents the missile being launched at the building housing the local government. Russia's goal seems clear, at least to the Ukrainian authorities and also to the BBC: "To kill the governor and his team, who led the defense of the city". The impact was terrible and at the time of the explosion, in the square, the civilian cars that were in transit were engulfed by the shockwave. 6 people were injured in the missile attack. 

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweet arrived just in time to condemn the missile attack: "Russia is waging a war in violation of international humanitarian law . It kills civilians, destroys civilian infrastructure. Russia's main targets are the big cities they are now attacking missiles", while the Minister Dmytro Kuleba launched another appeal to the international community. "Putin was unable to overthrow Ukraine. He committed war crimes out of anger," Kuleba wrote. This is echoed by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a new video posted on Facebook: "The recent Russian bombing of the city of Kharkiv is a war crime. Launching a rocket at the central square of Kharkiv is a blatant act of terrorism". The response of the head of the regional government was harsh, justifying the attacks carried out by Russia with Grad and Cruise missiles. "This kind of attack is a genocide against the Ukrainian people, a war crime against the civilian population," Oleg Synegubov said. 

The attacks in Kharkhiv continued throughout the night: Russia blew up an electrical substation, lashing out at the mayor of Ihor Techerov - quoted by the Ukrinform news agency - for causing water and electricity supply problems. UNIAN news agency reported the demolition of the top floors of two skyscrapers. The repeated bombings left at least 11 people dead and dozens injured. The chronicle of what happened in the city is also recounted by the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Anton Gerashchenko, who wrote about the ongoing attack in Kharkiv: " People were shooting in the heart of the city . Some Russian bombing would have been inevitable. residential buildings (at least there are 87), warehouses and infrastructure”.

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