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Automotive : The best technology is Hyundai CRETA ?

| 9.3.22 |

The best technology is Hyundai CRETA

 The era that is now increasingly sophisticated, of course, does not only apply to gadgets or other small items. But this also applies to vehicles as a means of mobility. I really understand, the more people come here, the more people need a car for mobility because it feels safer in the midst of a pandemic. No wonder, if Hyundai finally launched their newest car with the best technology, the Hyundai CRETA. Hyundai CRETA itself is the first Hyundai car made in Indonesia and specifically for Indonesia. Now the Hyundai CRETA is available for trial and purchase nationwide, complete with the latest cutting-edge technology, the Hyundai Bluelink.

Hyundai CRETA relies on bluelink technology

This technology is one that makes important breakthroughs in the automotive world. One of the features that also makes the Hyundai CRETA stand out on the streets. Bluelink is a platform that makes it easy for you to check important information about your car. The point is, you can do various things with the palm of your hand via cellphone. Like about security, turning off or turning on the engine, and so on. Want to know a more detailed explanation? Just keep checking below. Oh yes, there is interesting information such as special offers and a place for a test drive if you want to try the Hyundai CRETA.

With Bluelink, the security system is also getting better

With Bluelink, the security system is also getting better. For example, the ACN (Auto Collision Notification) feature. If an accident occurs and the airbag inflates, later a car with Bluelink will send an ACN signal from the vehicle to the Bluelink call center operator and confirm you are with your condition and call the police and medical staff to help. So cool right? In addition, there is also SOS or Emergency Assistance or Road Side Assistance (RSA) which you can press on the overhead console in the car and the Hyundai call center will contact you and send the needed assistance to your location. The most interesting thing is the Stolen Vehicle Tracking feature, namely if your car is stolen, you can contact the Hyundai call center for car tracking assistance by providing information and location. Even with Bluelink you can also use the Stolen Vehicle Immobilization feature. So, you can ask the call center to turn off the car engine completely so that thieves can't turn it back on. Security is very well maintained, isn't it?

Easy operation with just a cellphone

Have you ever felt like you were in the oven when you got in the car because the weather was so hot? Now, with Bluelink you can start your car (Remote Engine Start/Stop) and turn on the AC (Remote Climate Control) only with your cellphone, guys. Isn't it very comfortable? Even Bluelink can also make you lock and unlock car doors remotely (Remote Door Lock & Unlock). If you forget where your car is parked, you can use the Remote Horn & Light Control feature and make your car turn on the horn or light for 30 seconds. In addition, if you forget the exact position, you can use the Find My Car feature. Hyundai Bluelink can immediately tell the position via the map in the application. 

With Bluelink you can get Geo-Fence Notification

Bluelink can not only make you comfortable, but also make you calm. Because your worry can disappear because your car is 'awake' 24 hours. With Bluelink you can get a Geo-Fence Notification that allows you to determine which areas your car can and cannot drive. There is always a Speed   Notification feature. You can set a maximum speed limit. If you exceed the specified speed limit, you will get a notification signal from Bluelink instead of the love. Another interesting feature is the Time Fencing Notification which allows you to set the time you use the car. And there is a Valet Mode which makes you not worry if there are valet parking staff who bring your car. When this mode is activated you can view information such as mileage, driving time, and top speed via the app.

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