Alexis Sanchez , the difference between Liverpool - Inter Milan

Alexis Sanchez

 This remark deserves to come from any Liverpool supporter. Because if the card hadn't come from Antonio Mateu Lahoz, anything could have happened. Liverpool could have tragically stopped here. Or at the very least, the fans and players were made to beat even harder. Competing at Anfield in an aggregate position of 2 goals behind is certainly very difficult for Inter Milan. Just imagine, at home they were beaten 0-2 by Liverpool. Especially in the Premier League itself, Kloop's team is being fierce. So do not be surprised if Inter Milan does not dare to carry a high target.

 However, the reality speaks otherwise. Even though they only controlled 37% of the ball, it turned out that Inter Milan was actually able to make Liverpool sweat. Several times Inzaghi's troops were able to touch the Liverpool penalty box. Even 3 Inter Milan kicks were able to lead to the goal. In total during the match, 6 shots were fired by Inter Milan. On the other hand, Liverpool is not without opportunities. 

The Premier League champions were unlucky last night. The goalposts seemed to side with the guest. It was proven that Salah's shot and van Dick had to bounce from the goal mouth because of the pole. So it's only natural that Salah feels disappointed at the end of the match. Last night's fierce battle, finally broke out with a superb Martinez goal in the 61st minute. His thunderous kick, which was fired from outside the penalty box, made the Liverpool goalkeeper curse incoherently. The score was 0 - 1 for the guest, as well as a danger bell for Liverpool, the ruler of Anfield. This one-goal nick of course became an injection of enthusiasm for Inzaghi's troops. 

They began to hope again to reach the last 8, if they were able to win on goal difference. And in a situation like this, the wind is more in favor of Inter Milan. Panic began to rise in Kloop's troops. But luck can't be achieved, unfortunate can't be denied. Three minutes after the opener, Alexis Sanches had to leave the field. His tackle on Fabinho was the cause. Previously Sanchez himself had pocketed a yellow card for his tackle on Matis. Losing Sanchez is a tremendous loss. Throughout the game, Sanchez has played very well. He was able to make the focus of Liverpool defenders split, so that some of Inter Milan's balls had touched the host's penalty box. So if you can imagine, the story will definitely be different from what it is today if Sanchez was still around. 

And it is not impossible for Inter Milan to achieve positive results. This fact is worth mentioning. Because in reality, until the game ended, despite only facing 10 players, Liverpool were not able to score goals. The defensive focus applied by Inter Milan, was extraordinary.
But whatever the result, Inter Milan should return to the San Siro with their heads held high. At least they managed to destroy the ruler of Anfield in their own cage.

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