Alessio Romagnoli negotiations over his contract extension with AC Milan stalled

Alessio Romagnoli

 La Gazzetta dello Sport highlights how the Biancoceleste have been eyeing Romagnoli for a long time and there is mutual interest in making a deal happen as allenatore Maurizio Sarri likes the player while the Rossoneri captain has been a fan of the capital club since he was a child, even though he grew up in AS Roma's academy. 

There have been positive negotiations in recent days with his agent, but it is also possible that he will renew his contract with Milan. The Italy international is currently pocketing a salary of 6 million euros or IDR 96 billion net per season and given his recent dynamics on the pitch, the club has offered 2.5 million euros  per season plus bonuses in his new deal later.

On the other hand, Romagnoli is asking for a salary of 3.5 million euros  and while that nominal is still negotiable, for now the situation is still stuck so the 27-year-old centre-back is starting to look around him. 

Lazio have made an offer of around 3 million euros  per year and they may accelerate their move to sign the Rossoneri star after the departures of Luiz Felipe and Patric become more concrete. It will be interesting to see how the situation will develop in the future.

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