African National Party regime declares South Africa a white nation

The End of Apartheid Politics in South Africa

The beginning of the implementation of Apartheid politics was the victory of the African National Party in the 1948 elections. After that, the African National Party regime officially declared South Africa a white nation, and other racial groups did not have full political and citizen rights. Even the Prime Minister of South Africa, Hendrik F Verwoerd (1958-1966), said that it was a big mistake if the people of South Africa lived in equality and equal rights. In Apartheid law, 87 percent of South Africa's living space is divided into whites. Meanwhile, the rest, or as much as 13 percent of South Africa, applies to black people. 

The implementation of Apartheid politics that has occurred in South Africa since 1948 has caused turmoil from within the country. What's more, apartheid politics in South Africa was strictly enforced after the riots carried out by black people. The black group demanded the abolition of apartheid politics, which in practice caused discrimination in the fields of education, social and culture. The South African people's resistance to the implementation of Apartheid politics continues to resonate. Even discrimination against people of color is also criticized by the international community. One of the movements that loudly voiced the abolition of apartheid was the African National Congress (ANC) led by Nelson Mandela. Despite his struggles, the leader of the ANC, Nelson Mandela, was arrested and imprisoned by South African security forces for 27 years. Apart from Nelson Mandela, the movement against Apartheid was also voiced by several figures in South Africa, they are: 
•Desmond Tutu• 
•Frederick W de Klerk• 
•Chris Hani• 

After a long struggle, President Frederik Willem de Klerk, who led South Africa from 1989 to 1994, finally announced the abolition of all provisions and the existence of the Apartheid political system on February 21, 1991.

The success of the fighters demanding the settlement of the Apartheid case in South Africa had a huge impact. The following is the impact of the abolition of Apartheid for South Africa and the world. 

•The rise of equality for blacks around the world 

•The development of anti-racism around the world 

•Black and white people in South Africa can coexist

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