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Academy Awards, Kristen Stewart is the one who stole the most attention

| 3.3.22 |

Kristen Stewart

 The 94th Academy Awards will be held in the next few weeks. Of all the nominees for the Oscars, Kristen Stewart is the one that caught my attention the most. Apart from this being the first nomination for the Twilight star, the actor or actress who becomes the main character in a biopic always has a great chance to bring home the trophy. Stewart's acting in the Spencer film, which tells the story of Princess Diana's struggles in her ten years of marriage, is indeed slick. In addition to successfully showing the deep anxiety of the Princess, Kristen Stewart is also able to explore her role which shows Princess Diana as a rebel. More than that, Robert Pattison's ex-lover also did nothing wrong in showing Princess Diana who always put her children first in all conditions. The challenge in this role is big enough for Kristen Stewart. Frankly, Stewart is not the first person to play Princess Diana in any show. In fact, recently other actors also had the same opportunity in the Crown series, which is still on the air. So that Kristen Stewart's acting will more or less be compared to other actors with the same character.

Another problem in Kristen Stewart's favor is; that the woman was an American who was "forced" to use a British accent in the film. Of all the challenges faced, it is no exaggeration to hope that this year Stewart will be able to bring his first trophy. Even though he lost in the race for the Golden Globe Cup which was handed over to Nicole Kidman some time ago. Kristen Stewart's opportunity to win an Oscar has not been closed at all. However, we are aware that the Oscars and the Golden Globes have different standards in determining the winner. Hasn't it happened repeatedly that someone won a Golden Globe but had to give up an Oscar, and vice versa. Finally, without reducing the appreciation of the other nominees. I have to say that for now I'm tipping Kristen Stewart to win an Oscar.

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