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6 Beautiful Tourist Places in the World Like in Heaven

| 13.3.22 |

59 more Beautiful Tourist Places in the World Like in Heaven

Have you decided which tourist attractions you will visit? Abroad or at home? Vacations are of course important. In addition to refreshing your mind from all work deadlines at the office, vacations can also create quality time between you and your family. The following is a review of some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world that you should try. You don't have to visit it too often. Maybe once in a lifetime is enough. Some of the following tourist destinations are so beautiful that they are famous not only in their home country, but also in foreign countries, as follows:

1. Crystalline Turquoise Lake, China

Crystalline Turquoise Lake is a very clear and beautiful lake located in a valley. This Crystalline Turquoise Lake area is located in the National Park area in Jiuzhaigou, China, and has other beauties as follows: 

This Crystalline Turquoise Lake has water that sparkles like crystal. The reflection of nature formed on its surface very beautifully. So captivating you can compare the beauty of Crystalline Turquoise Lake to a fairy tale. This area has been inaugurated as a nature reserve in China. In 1992, UNESCO has made this place a world heritage site. while in 1997 this beautiful lake was made a world biosphere reserve.

2. Beachy Head, England

Beachy Head is a very majestic white limestone cliff formation with a height of 162 meters and a length of 1 kilometer. This beautiful cliff has been formed since 66 million years ago. Beachy Head is located in East Sussex, England. From London, you can reach Beachy Head in about 1 hour by train, or 2 hours by car, having the following great places: 

Besides looking from the bottom of the cliff, you can also enjoy the beauty of Beachy Head by helicopter. You can rent a helicopter from tour operator Brighton Scenic for £65. From the top of the cliff you will get a very beautiful view. The white color of the cliffs collaborates nicely with the blue sea and green grass above Beachy Head. Especially with the breeze and the sea waves, adding to the attraction of this cliff. Unfortunately, many people enjoy the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world that Beachy Head has in different ways. According to the Daily Mail, this cliff is widely used by people to end their lives by committing suicide. Not only young people but also old people. Usually they jump off cliffs to end their lives. On average there are 20 cases of death each year. This resulted in the police having to patrol around Beachy Head.

3. Antelope Canyon, United States of America

Antelope Canyon is a deep and wide valley between two cliffs or commonly called a canyon. This canyon is located in Page, Coconino County, Arizona, United States. The canyon area is included in the Navajo Indian Reservation complex or the largest shelter area for the Dine Indians from North America, commonly called the Navajo or Navaho, has the following uniqueness:

 Antelope Canyon was formed by wind and water eroding the Navajo Sandstone over a very long period of time. Flash floods and sub-aerial processes accelerate the process of rock erosion. As a result, beautiful fissures and faults are formed which are carved indirectly in the canyon walls. Antelope Canyon is divided into two, Upper Antelope Canyon (The Crack) and Lower Antelope Canyon (The Corkscrew). Each part has a different pattern of rock fractures. The locals refer to the upper Antelope Gorge as “Tse’ bighanilini” or the place where water flows through rocks’. Upper Antelope Gorge sits 4000 feet above the river with towering rock walls as high as 120 feet. The lower Antelope canyon is called “Hasdestwazi” or spiral rock. The walls of Antelope Canyon can change the reflection of light from the sun's rays into a variety of beautiful colors. This is what attracts the attention of tourists both from within and from abroad. Here, tourists usually come to travel, hike or camp to see the canyon in person. In summer, tourists can see the sun's rays breaking through the gorges and illuminating the previously dark gorges. The locals call this event “A God speaking from the high”.

4. Aogashima Volcano, Japan

Aogashima Volcano is a volcano located on an island, Aogashima Island. Aogashima is part of the Izu Islands, about 300 kilometers south of Tokyo, in the Philippine Sea. Aogashima and its residents are part of Japanese citizens and are managed by Tokyo. Aogashima Island has a quite unique shape. Have you ever seen pudding upside down on a plate? That's what it looks like. The Pudding Valley is a volcanic crater. Aogashima volcano is also an active volcano. However, this did not dampen the intention of residents to live in the Aogashima crater. True, in the crater there are about 209 residents (as of 2009). There, people live far from the modern world. Residents of Aogashima keep themselves busy with outdoor activities such as: 

This activity is the most popular activity in the community. Moreover, around Aogasima Island there are clean and clear blue waters. Mountain climbing. This is done while climbing the mountain. Public sauna. The hot steam around the center of the island is used by residents as a sauna. Unfortunately, access to and from the island is very limited. Aogashima Crater can only be reached by two ways, helicopter or ferry. But when you get there you can enjoy the beauty of Aogashima crater while walking around. Just don't forget to watch the weather before touring the island.

5. Aurora, Norway

Who doesn't know Aurora? This natural phenomenon invites many tourists to admire its beauty. Aurora is a natural event that is formed due to a collision between a solar storm and the earth's atmosphere so that it forms green, red, purple, and blue light in the sky at night, as follows: 

Aurorae usually occur in winter. But you have to wait because you won't get aurora moments if the sky is cloudy. Aurora can only be seen when the sky is clear. In addition, the aurora is most beautiful when viewed from a point far from the city. Because if you see it in the city, chances are your view will be blocked by light pollution. If you have the opportunity to visit Norway and plan to see the Aurora, try going to the northern regions of Norway. Some areas that you can visit are Tromso, Oksfjord and Honningsvag. In Norway, many tour agencies provide travel packages to see the aurora in Tromso. In addition to watching the brightness of the sky, you can see a very beautiful aurora in mid-open September or early April. In these two months the skies of Norway are at their darkest.

6. City of Bern, Switzerland

The city of Bern is the most beautiful tourist spot in the world which has the capital city of Switzerland. Switzerland is a country located in Central Europe. The word Bern itself is a German word which means bear. Therefore, the symbol of the city of Bern is the bear, as follows: 

The uniqueness of this city is that it has many ancient buildings that were built in the 1100-1700s. One of the famous buildings in the city of Bern is the Bern Cathedral. Bern Cathedral was built in a gothic design in the 1400s. This cathedral has a tower that soars up to 328 feet or 100 meters. This tower is the tallest tower in Switzerland. From the tower, visitors can see the Alps well. Another tour is the rest of the old city gates. The old city gate has a tower on top of which is a clock. The clock, which was installed in 1530, will emit several figures from the bell every hour. Or the government buildings of Bern which were built in 1902. Inside there are many pictures and statues that tell the story of important events in Switzerland. Bern people mostly work in government or the University of Bern. The city's economy is also supported by tourism and several factories such as: 

• Chocolate milk factory. 

• Condensed milk factory. 

• Machinery factory. 

• Scientific instrument factory. 

Bern had become a military post in 1911. The territory of Bern developed into a city and became an independent territory. In 1353, Bern became part of Switzerland. In the 1300s to 1700s the city of Bern was very strong. This power was destroyed when the French invaded in 1798. In 1803 Bern came under French rule. In 1848 the city of Bern became the capital of Switzerland. In 1983 UNESCO named Bern a world heritage site because of its many historic buildings.

That's the 6 most beautiful tours in the world. I hope this review helps you determine your next travel destination.

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