5 more: How to whiten a dull face to make it shine all day

5 more: How to whiten a dull face to make it shine all day

 The most effective and effective way to whiten a dull face should be done in a natural way but still regularly every day. Facial treatments, whether using traditional ingredients or various skincare, make sure the ingredients in them do not contain substances that will harm our facial skin. Having a clean white face is every woman's dream. There are many facial whiteners currently available at various prices and with different levels of speed of results. Instantly whiten your face is easy, but do you know the impact in the future? Facial care creams that function as whiteners contain many chemicals that are harmful to facial skin health. 

When viewed from the results, it does whiten the face in an instant and faster way, however, natural ingredients have more high safety and the results are also the same as creams in cosmetic stores. The face is one of the most important body parts in terms of appearance, because the face is the most important thing people see. Generally, for Indonesians having a white face is a matter of pride in order to appear confident when interacting with other people or appearing in public. There are many ways to whiten the face. Some use chemicals, some use only natural ingredients. Lime contains natural antioxidants that are useful for whitening the face. Therefore, many people try various ways to whiten the face to make it look beautiful. There are those who use face whitening creams, there are also those who use natural ingredients or naturally, but I think using natural ingredients or naturally is an effective way because using natural ingredients or naturally will not cause side effects.

 It's different if we use a whitening cream that contains chemicals, besides being expensive, using chemicals also causes side effects in the short or long term, so choose one that uses natural or natural ingredients. Often for women, for the sake of fashion they choose to whiten their faces by using creams, which may be dangerous in the absence of a registered brand. It would be nice, in whitening the face using natural ingredients and has no side effects. Try to look at your right and left, there are still many natural ingredients that will make your face look whiter naturally. What is certain is that this material does not contain harmful ingredients, because it is made from natural ingredients, what are these natural ingredients, and how do you whiten your face with natural ingredients?
Having dull and not glowing facial skin can make your appearance less attractive. This can affect your self-confidence. Especially if you often gather with many people when doing daily activities, of course you must have white and healthy skin so that your appearance is maximized. There are many ways that can be used to help whiten facial skin. Not only with expensive treatments at salons or beauty clinics, but you can use treatments from natural ingredients at home. In addition, many people try various things to get facial skin that looks white and glowing. Not even a few people are desperate to whiten the skin by using harmful chemicals to get instant results.

1. Coffee Powder

Pure coffee grounds can be used to exfoliate the face so that it looks bright. The pulp is insoluble in water so it is good for removing dead skin cells. In addition, the caffeine content can promote good circulation so that facial skin looks brighter. Substances in coffee also help improve skin health. Caffeic acid, an antioxidant, can increase collagen levels and reduce premature cell aging. Use coffee grounds with sugar and gently exfoliate your face. Leave the dough for a few minutes then rinse with warm water. Do it regularly in order to whiten the face naturally.

2. Aloe Vera

The substance that inhibits the formation of melanin which makes the face dark, namely aloesin, is in aloe vera. That is why many types of facial lightening products include aloe vera in their composition. Aloe vera is able to maintain the health and beauty of the hair, it also functions to moisturize and clean the facial skin. We recommend doing this method regularly in the morning and evening to get satisfactory results.

3. Lemon Water

The content of vitamin C in lemon can whiten the face naturally. Reporting from dermascope.com, lemon juice can be used as an effective skin whitening agent. Lemons typically contain between five and eight percent citric acid and have a pH of around 2.3 making them very acidic. High levels of this acid is also known as vitamin C. Ascorbic acid from lemon has a beneficial effect on skin cells to help prevent and treat damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays so that it can whiten the face. Due to its high acidity, lemon juice should only be used in low concentrations. Use three to four times a week to avoid skin irritation and excessive dryness.

4. Jicama

There are so many beauty products that contain jicama as a whitener. This is because jicama is rich in vitamins B and C, which play an important role in whitening the face and keeping the face clean and shining. The trick is to grate the yam until soft, squeeze it using water, use the juice as a natural face mask, let stand for 20 minutes. Do it regularly every day by whitening facial skin using jicama.

5. Papaya

The papain enzyme present in papaya can help regenerate the skin. Vitamins A, C, and E as anti-oxidants will help nourish and moisturize your skin. Papaya will be a sunscreen or natural sunscreen for your facial skin. Doing this treatment regularly for 2 3 times a week will help your facial skin to whiten in a natural way.

6. Rice Soaking Water

When you want to cook rice, don't be in a hurry to throw the water away. Rice contains ferullic acid and allantoin which can protect the skin and whiten it. The natural way to whiten the face using this ingredient is very easy and good luck trying it.

7. Milk

The face contains collagen to keep the skin looking supple and not wrinkled. Well milk contains vitamin D which can increase the production of collagen and vitamin B6 plays a role in treating and keeping the skin healthy and moist. Therefore, this method is suitable for dry skin types.

8. Yogurt

Of course you know that yogurt is a dairy product. Therefore of course yogurt contains calcium and zinc. Calcium plays an important role in preventing dry and dehydrated skin, while zinc plays a role in helping to overcome facial skin problems. There are also B complex vitamins that can nourish your face and make it glow naturally.

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