Twitter Anti-Harassment Mode, applicable in some countries

 Twitter is expanding access to its Security Mode by bringing the Beta version to approximately 50 percent of users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Twitter had previously tested the feature in September 2021 with a smaller scope of users. Security Mode is a setting that will automatically block accounts that Twitter thinks may be using harmful language. The account will not be able to interact with other users for seven days. There is a way for users to manually review tweets and Twitter accounts they think is questionable, and users can open those blocked accounts if there's really no problem. Accounts that users frequently follow or interact with are never automatically blocked. 

To reduce harassment and prevent such action, you must go through the process of manually reporting offending tweets and accounts and waiting for Twitter to take action. A Twitter spokesperson told Engadget that since the company started testing the feature in September, it's found some people need or want more help reducing unwanted malicious interactions. Going forward, the system will keep an eye on possible replies from malicious or uninvited parties, and prompt users in beta to activate Protection Mode if they believe they could benefit from it.

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