Sharp decline in gas, oil below 100 dollars

 The Ftse Mib index in Milan, which was down 4.15% yesterday, is now marking +1.52%. Best performer in Europe for London, +2.12%. Investors are evaluating the impact of yesterday's sanctions, which did not directly affect gas exports. They also don't currently exclude Russia from Swift's international payments system. Today the Moscow stock exchange rose 11.70%, after yesterday -33%. But at the start of the session the gain was 23%. On the other hand, futures contracts linked to Wall Street indices are negative, with declines on the order of half a percentage point after yesterday's recovery, mainly by the tech stock index Nasdaq (+3.34%).

 After yesterday's peak, gas prices fell 20% to 106 euros per megawatt hour. Brent crude is also back below $100 a barrel: $98.6 for April futures, after hitting $105 yesterday. According to French finance minister Bruno Le Maire, Russia's exclusion from the Swift system remains an open option, but should be considered as a last resort. Utilities are doing well in Piazza Affari: +4.72% per cent, with an acceleration following Prime Minister Draghi's intervention in Parliament naming a series of actions to be taken in terms of energy. Banks, very negative at first, returned to parity. The biggest increase was for Terna (+5.27%), Enel (+5.01%) and Italgas (+4.50%). The reduction was greater for Pirelli (-1.97%) and Mediobanca (-2.42%).

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