China sees an opportunity to, just like Russia

 President Vladimir Putin has reached Kiev airport with his troops (which is ~30km from the capital Kiev), and is ready to give Ukraine a final blow. The United States (US) is in polemic, whether they will deploy troops in Ukraine, or wait until Russia reaches Poland or Romania, which is a member of NATO. Although Ukraine is a democracy, it is not a member of NATO. So that the US and its cronies cannot use article 5 of the NATO agreement, where there is a pact that if one member country is attacked, it means war with all NATO members. International media and experts predict that Kiev will fall within 48 hours, or 3 days from the start of the invasion. In the midst of this chaos, China sees an opportunity to, like Russia, intends to re-establish past glories. China claims that the South China Sea is their territory, according to historical records from Chinese historians. 

At a time when the U.S. is getting tired of the paranoia of a further invasion by Russia, there is a possibility that other countries that are not members of NATO, will take advantage of this loophole to carry out their respective agendas. In addition to the South China Sea, China is also interested in Taiwan, where previously Taiwan was part of China, and is slowly turning to a US ally, so strategically, the existence of Taiwan which is only ~160km from China can be dangerous, especially with the presence of a US military base in the South China Sea. the country. At a time when the world is still struggling with the pandemic, and the economy is still trying to rebuild, military attacks like this will certainly make things worse. If Russia continued its invasion of Ukraine, it was almost certain that World War III would occur. If China decides to attack the South China Sea/Taiwan, it is certain that World War III is imminent. Moreover, the position of the South China Sea which is in Southeast Asia, causes Indonesia to be directly involved in the conflict. Let's hope together, that the leaders of this country will not sink into the hegemony of past glory, and together build the world into one world community.

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