Back on the pitch in the Brandford shirt of the London team in the Premier League

Christian Eriksen

 This is the 52nd minute of the match between Brentford and guests Newcastle, going for the 27th day of the English Premier League. The home team drew two goals and coach Thomas Frank decided to make a substitution . The crowd at the Brentford Community Stadium burst into spontaneous cheers and amid rapturous applause Christian Eriksen entered the pitch , the Danish playmaker who eight months ago made everyone tense, collapsed, had a heart attack , in the 42nd minute of the Denmark-Finland match, was held on 12 June during the 2021 European Championships. 

Literally a professional rebirth for the Danish footballer, who ironically or the coach's skillful moves, alternated on the pitch it was Mathias Jensen who replaced him in turns when he fell ill 259 days ago. Today was a reverse change with a special taste, full of smiles and renewed hope after a potential tragedy that fortunately was only mentioned.

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