6 Greeks Killed in Russia

 Greece has confirmed at least six of its nationals were killed in Russian bombing near the main port city southeast of Mariupol. "The death of our citizen creates sadness and anger at this unacceptable Russian attack on civilians," said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Among the injured was a small child, Greece's foreign ministry also said that the site of the bombing took place on the outskirts of the villages of Sartana and Bugas. Seven hours earlier, the United Nations also reported that at least more than 100,000 Ukrainians had fled the country in the past two days. According to Al-Jazeera's report, the fighting has reached the streets of the Ukrainian capital. 

According to Dirja Mahendra, a European diaspora who has been following the developments of Indonesian citizens in Ukraine intensively, said that currently the Indonesian diaspora has gathered at the Indonesian Embassy in Kiev. They may be in a safe position now, but according to him, the Indonesian government must provide clearer certainty about when these Indonesian citizens will be evacuated from the Ukrainian capital. "Currently, Indonesian citizens may still be safe under the protection of the Indonesian Embassy in Kiev. The government needs to take quick steps regarding the evacuation of Indonesian citizens in Kiev. We as the Indonesian diaspora in Europe feel very uncomfortable knowing that Indonesian citizens are still in Ukraine. Indonesian citizens are still in Kiev! " Through its spokesman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that the security of Indonesian citizens in Ukraine is currently a top priority. However, how many Indonesian citizens are still in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, has received special attention from the Indonesian government. Dirja Mahendra and other European diaspora hope that the evacuation status of Indonesian citizens in Kiev will be announced as soon as possible, so that there is no panic for the Indonesian diaspora in other European regions over the status of Indonesian citizens in Ukraine.

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