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Leak Reveals "Horizon Forbidden West" Game Files Nearly 100 GB

| 1.1.22 |


After being postponed, the game Horizon Forbidden West is confirmed to be launching on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PS5 on February 18, 2022. Although the launch schedule is still about 2 months away, however, the latest leak reveals the file size of the action adventure game. This time the leak was shared by PlayStation Game Size, which often shares leaks about information from games that have not been released.

Through an upload on Twitter, PlayStation Game Size said that Horizon Forbidden West will have a file size of around 96.35 GB. According to PlayStation Game Size, the size does not include the additional patches that will be released on PS5 on the day of its inaugural launch. Meanwhile, players in the US region can download the game with a slightly smaller file size, which is around 85.9 GB without any additional patches. As compiled from Comic Book, Thursday (12/30/2021), this difference seems to be influenced by the language files needed to suit the needs of several countries in the European region.

 When compared to games of similar genres, Horizon Forbidden West's file size is quite large. However, it is understandable considering this game promises stunning graphics with an open-world concept. For comparison, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a game size of 175 GB, Destiny 2 is 165 GB, Red Dead Redemption 2 is 105 GB, Death Stranding is 48 GB, and Uncharted is 64 GB. In addition to revealing the game file size, PlayStation Game Size also said that players have the opportunity to download the game early (pre-load) on February 11, 2022. For information, Horizon Forbidden West is a continuation of the game Horizon Zero Dawn. In this game, players will continue Aloy's adventures in exploring the post-apocalypse world. However, this time Aloy is no longer adventuring in an area full of snow, but in nature with a tropical climate. Similar to the previous game, players will again face opponents in the form of monster robots. However, this monster robot will take the form of animals, such as elephants, alligators, to dinosaurs.

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