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5 Creative Ideas for Instagram Content, Auto Flood Followers!

| 15.1.22 |


Almost every turn of the year, there will always be creative ideas popping up. Including the use of social media Instagram. Various contents are popping up bustling and competing with each other in order to attract many followers. The level of creativity of Instagram users is also increasing. There is a lot of new content uploaded every day. If you are confused about what kind of content to start and create, here are some options that you can try.

1. Like to write, there is nothing wrong with making a collection of quotes

Trying to write posts from your own thoughts and then share them on Instagram, of course, is not an easy thing. However, if you are interested in trying this, it turns out to be quite attractive. You can write a few quotes and then elaborate on the design. Then, make it consistently at the right time. Content like this is busy, you know. There are many references that you can learn on Instagram too. Starting from beginner to senior accounts. If you have doubts about your writing, there's nothing wrong with starting from someone else's quote, don't forget to include your name!

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2. The hobby of doing business, creating testimonial content is also quite popular

It's not complete without trying to buy products online. Good news for those of you who have a variety of merchandise sold online. While creating content, you can create testimonials for your products to make them sell more. Customers will definitely be attracted by creative content. There's nothing wrong with creating testimonial content for your customer responses and uploading it consistently. Don't forget to make it according to the facts, okay!

3. Have sufficient knowledge, there is no harm in sharing tips and tricks

The next content is highly recommended for those of you who like to share knowledge. Make a microblog with a creative design that fits your abilities. Starting from education to memorable experiences. Moreover, many are looking for information through Instagram, this has its own competitiveness. Try to create a piece of content that will stand out. Not only does it have a large number of followers, but you also have your own personal branding. If you have trouble editing it, use a visual editing application like Canva and the like. There are already many ready-made templates that can be used for free.

4. With an editing application, share your photos with a little additional narration

The hobby of taking pictures does have its own benefits. Besides feeling more confident, you can also share it on your personal Instagram. However, it would be even better when you want to edit it. Adding a motivational narrative quote will also attract visitors to your Instagram profile, you know! Content like this is very popular with your potential followers later! Don't forget to add a caption to reach more visitors!

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5. Making videos and uploading them in the form of reels is in demand, you know

Do you like to share your daily life through videos? Come on, try this fifth content idea. The reels feature on Instagram is still fairly new, you know. However, it is already very crowded and favored by Instagram users. Make a short video about anything you find interesting. Starting from daily vlogs, to product reviews that you sell or buy. Add a filter to make it look more aesthetic, yes! Instagram is still a very popular social media. There's no harm in trying from now on, before you miss out on the others. Which content do you want to try?

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