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5 Best Military Fighters in the World

| 22.1.22 |


advanced fighter aircraft

Fighter aircraft – military aircraft designed to attack other aircraft in the air. Unlike bombers which are designed to strike targets on the surface. Fighters are relatively small, fast and highly maneuverable. Fighter aircraft were originally developed during World War I to handle bombers and balloons, which were becoming increasingly common for ground attack and reconnaissance. The North American X15 is an American experimental jet created as part of a research program for high-speed flight at high altitude.

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Three copies were made between 1960 and 1968, and about 200 test flights were made on behalf of NASA, breaking all speed and altitude records for any fixed-wing aircraft. In general, fighter aircraft are lean, maneuverable, capable of carrying rockets and bombs as well as cannons (machine guns), and have more avionics than civilian/passenger aircraft, such as radar, which are high-speed and capable of detecting and intercepting enemies. at long range, At enemy targets.


The F14 Tomcat is a supersonic fighter with two engines and seats. The F 14 was the flagship fighter of the US Navy from 1972 to 2006. On September 22, 2006, it was officially retired and replaced by the F 18 SuperHonet. This fastest military aircraft can reach speeds of Mach 2.34 or 2,245 km/h. The F 14 Tomcat can also destroy enemy aircraft at night. Another advantage is that the aircraft can fly in all conditions, both at night and in bad weather.


Gripen is a supersonic fighter aircraft built in Sweden. This is where SAAB is produced in production. This aircraft is a fourth generation multirole fighter. These aircraft can be used for intercept, attack and reconnaissance. It can also carry American and European lethal weapons. Aircraft manufacturers prefer the “canard” design, which allows the aircraft to fly farther, faster and lift more weight. The combination of triangular wings and Gripenduck can provide good flight and takeoff and landing characteristics. The maximum speed of this aircraft is Mach 2 or 2470 km/hour.

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3.Boeing X-51 Scramjet

The advantage of technological advances is that pilot lives don't have to be sacrificed to test the newest jets. Dubbed the Scramjet, the aircraft is owned by the United States Air Force (USA) and is unmanned and ready for use at any time. This aircraft will later support other fighter aircraft in support of military operations. Usually smaller than a jet plane, but has incredible speed. The Scramjet will officially be used as a high-speed rocket aircraft in 2030. The Boeing X51 Scramjet flies at a speed of 6,276 km/h.

4.Dassault Rafale

Desault Refale is one of the fourth generation multiplayer fighters. The Diman has twin engines and a delta wing inherited from the French made by Desso Airlines. The first production aircraft, the Rafale B1, first flew on 4 December 1998. And he was sent to the French Air Force. The Rafale is equipped with an integrated electronic security system called Spectra that provides software-based virtual stealth technology. The aircraft's most important sensors are said to be capable of detecting up to 200 km, making it highly reliable for enemy detection.

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5.Sukhoi SU 35

The Sukhoi SU 35 is a Russian fighter aircraft designed to compete with the F 15 Eagle and F 16 Fighting Facton. The SU 35 also has a wider body, with a service life of 6,000 hours and a service life of about 30 years. The detection system can track and select up to 4 targets at a distance of up to 400 km. The SU 35 is equipped with a new type of air-to-air and air-to-ground radar. Its maximum combat load is 8000 kg and is packed in 12 bags. The design is very identical to the SU 27, but differs in that it uses the same Canadian-made aircraft as the SU 33, with a powerful engine capable of reaching speeds of up to 2930 km/h. Those are 5 of the many best military fighter aircraft in the world.

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